Amenities of Burj Khalifa: Inside The World’s Tallest Building

As the world’s tallest building, the iconic Burj Khalifa stands as a must-see attraction for any visitor to the United Arab Emirates. 

This towering architectural marvel redefined the feasible heights of modern construction. 

While people may be unsure of everything the Burj offers inside, many premier experiences await within the global giant.

The Burj Khalifa promises unmatched offerings from the highest observation decks to the loftiest lounge in the skies, fine dining venues, and cultural exhibits.

Visitors to Dubai should dedicate time to properly admire such an unprecedented feat of engineering and experience the amenities showcasing human achievement at its best. 

No trip to the UAE is complete without visiting and using all of Burj Khalifa’s amenities, which we will cover in this article.

Amenities of Burj Khalifa

The towering skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, has much to offer its visitors. 

Here are some of the best amenities of Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

Observation Deck

burj khalifa observation deck
Image: Kate Trysh on Unsplash

The Burj Khalifa has the world’s fastest double-deck elevators that exhilaratingly rocket visitors to the 125th floor in 35 seconds. 

Two observation decks allow people to take in unmatched views from the tallest building globally – At the Top on floors 124 and 125 and At the Top Sky on floor 148.

At the Top’s outdoor deck on floor 124, it holds the record for the highest outdoor observation deck worldwide. 

People also use telescopes to see Dubai’s landscapes sprawled below. 

On floor 125, thrilling experiences, like virtual reality, green screen photos, and walking on glass that seems to crack for the extra scare enhance the visit.

At the Top Sky, it costs nearly twice as much but includes admission to floors 124 and 125, plus 

The Lounge bar for a free drink. 

The 148th-floor Sky deck also promises a more exclusive guest experience. 

No matter which deck visitors choose, the Burj Khalifa guarantees unmatched panoramic views from the apex that leave the last memories of Dubai.

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Sky Lounge 

burj khalifa Sky Lounge 
Image: Newatlas.com

On the 152nd floor, Burj Khalifa guests can visit The Lounge, the world’s highest lounge, 585 meters high. 

The relaxing atmosphere provides exceptional views morning, noon, or night. 

Visitors sip custom drinks and fine teas or sample the continental breakfast menu while admiring panoramic scenes of Dubai from the clouds.

In addition to refreshments, The Lounge offers guided tours of the outdoor deck. 

Standing at the towering apex of the global icon, people gain a new awe-inspiring perspective of the vibrant city below. 

For an experience found nowhere else on Earth, The Lounge’s mix of luxury and natural wonder makes it a premier part of any Burj Khalifa visit.

Fine Dining

Burj Khalifa Fine dinning
Image: Gaultmillauae.com

Dining in the Burj Khalifa is an unforgettable experience as visitors take in mesmerizing cityscape views during a meal at one of the tower’s premier restaurants. 

With attentive service, vibrant ambiance, and expertly crafted cuisine, each venue offers an excellent culinary journey.

The chefs master an array of flavors from Mediterranean and Italian to Indian and Arabic. 

While many options exist, three top choices stand out. 

On the 122nd floor, At.mosphere provides the world’s highest fine dining as diners sample an extensive international menu atop unmatched vistas of downtown Dubai and the Gulf region. 

Armani Deli brings authentic Italian and European fare straight from the ground floor, including a 24-karat gold cappuccino. 

For a taste of South Asia without leaving the tower, Armani Amal, on level 3, artfully blends Indian cuisine with Arabian culture against a backdrop of the dazzling metropolis. 

From butter chicken to quesadillas, the mouthwatering dishes paired with the views make dining in the Burj Khalifa a bucket list experience.


burj khalifa Shopping
Image: Sdition.cnn.com

With over 1,200 stores, Dubai Mall is the largest shopping and entertainment hub globally. 

Visitors uncover endless amenities from luxury brands, casual retailers, restaurants, and unique attractions. 

People can ice skate at an Olympic-sized rink, catch movies on big screens, explore underwater zoo tunnels, or immerse in festival celebrations. 

The spectacular architecture alone makes Dubai Mall a destination, but the world-class offerings inside become the main event.

The sprawling complex still leaves many unable to see it all in one trip. 

Shop displays and dining options span far and wide, quickly occupying an entire day yet still warranting return visits. 

The iconic Dubai Fountains dance just outside, while the bridges leading to Souk Al Bahar create unbeatable views. 

More than a mere shopping outlet, Dubai Mall stands poised to redefine expectations of what’s possible for retail and leisure under one roof. 

It’s an essential emblem of the “biggest and best” in a city known for such feats.

Fitness and Spa

burj khalifa Fitness and Spa
Image: Emiratesbillboard.com

Spanning over 6,000 square meters and five levels, The Burj Club provides a luxury fitness and wellness retreat in the heart of Dubai. 

One entire floor offers amenities exclusively for women. 

State-of-the-art equipment fills customizable gym spaces where people can attend group classes or work out individually with panoramic skyline views.

The spa stretches over two floors, one for men and one for women, featuring rejuvenating services like massages, body treatments, and facials from expert professionals. 

Saunas, steam rooms, and experience showers enhance the pampering, all overlooking stunning scenes of Dubai below.

For ultimate relaxation, The Rooftop pool, dining, and lounge area merges Miami vibes with Manhattan sophistication. 

Plush beds, tasty cuisine, and refreshing drinks complement the iconic views of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. 

Visitors can enjoy shisha and happy hour specials at this secluded yet lively oasis in the clouds.

Art and Exhibitions 

burj khaifa exhibitions
Image: Thenationalnews.com

During March, the Art Dubai Fair opens for its annual premier event, drawing galleries, collectors, artists, and curators from around the world to mingle within Dubai’s thriving creative scene. 

But the city’s artistic spaces stretch beyond the shadows of Burj Khalifa into unique districts brimming with cultural intrigue.

In the former industrial neighborhood of Al Quoz, Alserkal Avenue has transformed into an artistic hub for the community. 

Nearby lies the sprawling Dubai Design District, known as d3, intertwining fashion, design, and architecture into a visionary creative zone. 

It hosts the famous Dubai Design Week. 

For a glimpse into old Dubai, the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood’s narrow lanes, wind towers, and art galleries tucked into ancient walls contrast with the sleek skyscrapers looming nearby.

Within Burj Khalifa, EDEN Gallery Dubai draws eyes with colorful, eclectic works from sculpture to painting and mixed media across two stories, cementing a reputation for contemporary art with galleries worldwide. 

Convenient online purchasing opens EDEN’s trove globally. 

Over in Alserkal Avenue, the Leila Heller Gallery builds an atmospheric bridge between Middle Eastern and international creators, facilitating cultural dialogues through thought-provoking exhibitions. 

The region’s diverse talents fill the spaces, from traditional Emirati artistic practices to installations commenting on modern society.


burj khalifa Art and Exhibitions 
Image: Magzoid.com

Since the successful 2018 Light Up show, the Burj Khalifa has hosted many dazzling light and sound performances

Special holiday displays bathe the tower in red and gold for Chinese New Year or intricate patterns for Diwali. 

Light shows have also promoted global causes like World Autism Awareness Day, turning the building bright blue.

In the past, Emaar collaborated to project dynamic artwork onto the LED facade composed of over one million lights. 

The ever-changing submissions transformed the Burj into a gleaming canvas viewable for miles, merging creative talents with advanced technology.

The jaw-dropping visuals continue every New Year’s Eve when fireworks and lasers illuminate the Dubai skies in a spectacular performance. 

Viewing areas around Downtown Dubai require free pre-registration through the U By Emaar app to access QR entry codes. 

Anyone worldwide can also livestream the show and ring in the next year with loved ones by visiting www.mydubainewyear.com

When the clock strikes midnight, all eyes turn to the Burj Khalifa light display to kick off the next chapter in style.

FAQs About Amenities of Burj Khalifa

1. What amenities does the Burj Khalifa offer?

The Burj Khalifa provides a range of amenities for its residents, including: 
– valet parking
– concierge services
– a tennis court
– indoor/outdoor swimming pools
– jacuzzis
– a fitness center
– a recreation room for gatherings and events
– 24-hour maintenance
– a business center
– security services
– communal gardens
– fine dining options
– art and exhibitions
– the exclusive opportunity to reside at the Armani Hotel

Visitors can enjoy the Observation Deck and Sky Lounge, adding to the luxurious living experience.

2. What special features set the Burj Khalifa apart?

The Burj Khalifa holds several world records at an impressive height of over 828 meters (2,716.5 feet) with more than 160 stories. 

It is the tallest building globally, the tallest free-standing structure, the building with the highest number of stories, the highest occupied floor, and it boasts the highest outdoor observation deck. 

The building features elevators with the longest travel distance and the tallest service elevator in the world, making it an iconic architectural marvel.

3. What perks come with living in the Burj Khalifa?

Living in the Burj Khalifa offers a unique and luxurious lifestyle. 

Residents enjoy breathtaking views of the city and beyond, thanks to its status as the tallest building globally. 

The central location in Dubai provides easy access to the city’s attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. 

The building’s top-notch amenities include multiple swimming pools, state-of-the-art gyms, luxurious spas, and high-end retail stores within the premises, enhancing the overall living experience.

Featured Image: Khaleejtimes.com

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