Aquaventure Waterpark rides and attractions

Aquaventure Dubai is now the largest waterpark in the world that houses o105 slides, attractions and experiences. 

Aquaventure Waterpark is home to the best waterslides in the world, from epic heights and turns to high-speed drops.

This article will tell you all about the popular Aquaventure waterpark rides, which ones to visit, locations, height requirements and more. 

Best Aquaventure waterpark rides

These are the best Aquaventure waterpark rides you need to try out at least once when visiting Aquaventure, Dubai.

These rides tend to have the longest queues, so try arriving early and doing these first. 

The Leap of Faith

Zone: The Tower of Neptune

For those seeking adventure and ready for a heart-pounding experience, the Leap of Faith at the waterpark is an absolute must-try. 

You’ll understand why once you take the plunge.

This 98-foot waterslide will send your adrenaline skyrocketing as it propels you nearly vertically at a hair-raising speed of 60 km/h in just 3 seconds.

During the ride, you zoom through a transparent acrylic tube surrounded by sharks and cow nose rays. 

It’s the most exhilarating and daring activity you will encounter at Atlantis’ Aquaventure Waterpark.

Shark Attack

Zone: The Tower of Neptune

The Shark Attack offers a unique adventure at Aquaventure Waterpark’s Ziggurat, 13 meters high. 

You can hop into a one- or two-person inner tube and journey to the heart of the Tower of Neptune. 

Then, you’ll emerge in an underwater lagoon surrounded by sharks. 

Thanks to the fiberglass, you get a full 360-degree view of the shark-filled lagoon. It’s an exciting safari like no other.

Poseidon’s Revenge

Zone: The Tower of Poseidon

This waterslide in the Middle East is scary, similar to the Tower of Neptune’s Leap of Faith, but even scarier. 

It’s a real heart-pounding experience. You start by going into a chamber that’s not like a regular slide – it has trapdoors. 

Then, the floor drops out from under you, and you plunge 31 meters down a 116-meter-long water slide at a crazy fast speed of 60 km/h. 

And the scariest part? You get flipped upside down during the ride. It’s a thrilling adventure, for sure.

Atlantean Flyer

Feel the excitement of skydiving and hang-gliding as you ride the Middle East’s longest zip line. 

Soar from a towering waterslide for stunning views of Dubai and Atlantis Resort’s tropical waterscape. 

This unique 65-foot-high zipline called the Flyer, is the world’s first integrated into a waterslide tower. 

Its magnetic braking system swiftly stops you at 15 km/h speeds, and the ride takes only one minute from start to finish. 

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with breathtaking scenery on this thrilling zipline experience at Aquaventure Waterpark.


Looking for a thrilling family adventure? Aquaconda has got you covered. 

Hop on the Aquaconda, a colossal six-seater raft ride. It’s the world’s biggest slide, spanning 210 meters long and reaching 25 meters in height. 

The Aquaconda takes you on a twisty journey with sharp turns and steep drops, going as high as 4.6 meters. 

You’ll zoom through tight corners and ride up the sides on two AquaTubes, hitting speeds up to 35 km/h. 

It’s an exciting water slide experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Zone: The Tower of Poseidon


Slitherine is a unique waterslide that’s actually two slides in one. You can slide through lots of twists and turns around Aquaconda. 

It’s 31 meters high and 182 meters long. The slides are made of see-through fiberglass, so you can see as you race your friends and family. 

At the end, some timers tell you how fast you went and even record the fastest times. 

Having fun at the waterpark and competing with loved ones is a thrilling experience, and this ride is the best. 

Zone: The Tower of Poseidon


Zoomerango is an incredible ride where you’ll feel gravity like never before. 

It’s a giant water slide that goes up to 25 meters high and stretches 156 meters long, and it’s made for six people at once. 

When you ride it, you’ll experience a mix of feelings – you’ll drop really fast, zoom up almost vertically, and even feel weightless at the top for a moment. 

This ride is the most famous one at Poseidon Tower, and it’s sure to give you an exciting, heart-pounding adventure.

Zone: The Tower of Poseidon

The Torrent

At Aquaventure Waterpark, the Torrent River is a special thing you can’t find anywhere else. 

It’s a 700-meter-long river with big waves. You can hop on an inner tube and go along with the waves. 

A machine makes strong waves, sometimes reaching more than 1 meter tall, using much water. 

These waves will carry you and your tube up and down the river. It’s like a fun rollercoaster on water.

Zone: River Rides

Water Coasters

Water Coasters are various water slides put together in one parcel. There’s something for everyone.

These slides can accommodate single-riders and double-riders. 

Water Coasters use innovative technology to take you up and around the water slides in tunnels with jets of water around you.

Medusa’s Lair, Surge, Falls, Stinger and Storm are the most popular water coasters.

Zone: The Tower of Neptune

Group Rides

Aquaventure Waterpark rides are made for everyone. You will find rides that allow groups to ride together to make the most of their time.

Some of the most popular group rides in Aquaventure are the Zoomerango, Aquaconda, Odessey of Terror and Zoomerango.

Odessey of Terror

Bring your friends and prepare to race down the world’s tallest waterslide, which will send you soaring up and down before the thrilling big drop. 

You’ll experience a sensation of weightlessness as you freefall down a curved wall. 

Who among your group will be the most courageous and take on this exhilarating challenge? 

Share the excitement with your friends and find out who dares to conquer the courageous title.

Zone: Trident Tower


Prepare for an ultimate water adventure with friends on the world’s longest family water coaster.

This thrilling ride combines speed, power, and rafting fun. You’ll zoom ahead for 449 meters through dark tunnels at lightning speed. 

Hold on tight as you encounter exhilarating drops, and don’t forget to glance down for an added thrill. It’s an exciting experience, leaving you and your friends in awe.

Zone: Trident Tower


Bodyslides are one of the most sought-after attractions in Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai. 

Poseidon’s Revenge is one of the most popular Aquaventure Waterpark rides when it comes to bodyslides. 

There are a few others, namely Leap of Faith, Blackout, and Vortex.


Meet the “scarier sister” of Leap of Faith, exclusively for the bravest riders. 

You’ll plummet down a near-vertical drop, experiencing extreme thrills and reaching high velocities from start to finish. 

This ride is designed for the fearless, those who crave the ultimate adventure at the waterpark. 

So, if you’re up for an intense challenge, take the plunge and experience the ride of a lifetime.

Zone: Trident Tower


Get ready for the ride of a lifetime on the Vortex Twister water slide.

Brace yourself as you twist, turn, drop, and spin through back-to-back loops and exhilarating 360-degree rotations. 

The excitement doesn’t stop there – hold on tight as you take the thrilling plunge into the lagoon below. 

It’s the ultimate water slide adventure, packed with non-stop fun and excitement for those seeking an adrenaline rush on the water. 

Zone: Trident Tower

Aquaventure Rivers

While the Aquaventure Waterpark rides are known for their thrill and adrenaline-rushing ways, you should also check out the parks’ rivers.

Two rivers flow through the park- the River Rapids and the Raging Rapids.

River Rapids

Experience the thrill of riding the region’s longest river, where you’ll navigate gushing rapids that send you twisting and spinning through raging torrents. 

Every turn brings heart-pounding excitement, delivering an adrenaline rush like no other.

Along the way, you’ll find large pools and spacious sun decks, offering the perfect opportunity to cool off or relax. 

Dive back into the adventure whenever you please. Don’t miss out on this incredible aquatic experience.

Raging Rapids

Prepare for an exhilarating journey on the Raging Rapids, where you’ll plunge through a series of thrilling water features. 

From giant waves to powerful currents and playful bubbles, this ride is perfect for adventurous kids and adults. 

Get ready to experience the excitement of these roaring water elements and create unforgettable memories.

Zone: Trident Tower

How to Avoid Crowds at Aquaventure Waterpark Rides

Theme parks are fantastic for fun, but waiting in long lines can be a real buzzkill. 

So, here are some handy tips to help you dodge the crowds and have a leisurely yet exciting time at the waterpark.

First, try planning your visit to the waterpark on days that aren’t school or public holidays. 

These times tend to attract larger crowds, and you want to avoid that if possible. 

Similarly, weekends are generally packed, so if you can, opt for weekdays as they’re usually less crowded.

Early birds catch the fun. Arriving in the morning is a smart move to dodge those long lines that tend to form later in the day. 

Plus, if you can avoid peak holiday seasons like December and January when schools are on winter break, you’ll have a more relaxed experience.

Also, book your tickets online before visiting to save time at the counters and any hassles you may face while entering the park. 

Aquaventure Waterpark Rides – FAQs

How many water slides does Aquaventure Dubai have?

Aquaventure, Dubai has over 105 water slides, attractions and experiences it offers its visitors.

How many rides are there in Aquaventure Dubai?

While the exact number might vary, Aquaventure Dubai houses over 105 rides, waterslides and other attractions and experiences.

Which water park has the highest slide in Dubai?

Aquaventure Waterpark is home to the best waterslides in the world, from epic heights and turns to high-speed drops.

Is Aquaventure Dubai worth visiting?

Yes, definitely. Are you looking to relax? Or, want some thrills?

Aquaventure Dubai got you covered. 

Why not book your tickets to Aquaventure Dubai today and find out how much you should visit this waterpark?

Featured Image: Aquaventureworld.com

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