Best Places with Burj Khalifa Views You Should Check Out

Standing as an epitome of architectural magnificence, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a global icon, soaring 828 meters into the skyline as the tallest tower in the world. 

This marvel defines Dubai’s futuristic landscape and beckons travelers to witness its awe-inspiring beauty. 

Amid this dazzling city, an array of luxury apartments and dining spots offer unparalleled views of the Burj Khalifa. 

This comprehensive guide unveils the best Burj Khalifa viewpoints, exploring opulent residences like Burj Vista and The Address Fountain Views. 

Additionally, it talks about exquisite dining experiences at Cé La Vi and Hashi, where guests can savor not only delectable cuisines but also breathtaking vistas. 

From the enchanting Burj Plaza to the illustrious Shangri-La Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, discover the magical photo spots that capture the essence of Dubai’s skyline.

5 Luxury Apartments With Burj Khalifa Views

Dubai offers several residences catering to diverse preferences. 

Let’s explore some prime residential buildings affording spectacular views of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

1. Burj Vista

Burj Vista
Photo by Carlvic Lim on Unsplash

Burj Vista in Downtown Dubai is ideal for those seeking proximity to the world’s tallest building. 

With two gleaming towers facing the striking side of Burj Khalifa, residents enjoy views of both the tower and the Dubai Fountain.

Modern amenities like a swimming pool, children’s play areas, and 24-hour security enhance the contemporary lifestyle.

2. The Address Fountain Views

This three-tower complex provides a peaceful retreat with Burj Khalifa views. 

Modern fittings and furnishings in every apartment at The Address Fountain Views ensure both comfort and privacy for occupants.

3. Vida Residences Downtown Dubai

On Muhammad Bin Rashid Boulevard, Vida Residences offers top-notch apartments with Burj Khalifa views. 

Residents enjoy updated amenities, including a gym, sauna, swimming pools, and barbeque areas, coupled with easy access to the city’s best offerings.

4. The Address Sky Views

The Address Sky Views
Image: Booking.com

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, The Address Sky Views offers apartments with Burj Khalifa views and convenient access to major highways. 

Modern amenities and a commitment to cleanliness, including regular garbage disposal, make it a distinctive choice. 

Residents also enjoy direct access to Dubai Mall.

5. Boulevard Crescent

Concluding the list, Boulevard Crescent in the Opera District offers desirable residences with stunning Burj Khalifa views. 

The rooftop pool deck and lush podium-level pools provide a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. 

Restaurants and retail stores on the ground floor add convenience for residents.

6. The Residences

The Residences
Image: Edgerealty.ae

Created by Emaar Properties, The Residences boasts over nine residential towers offering various housing options. 

From 1 to 3-bedroom apartments with Burj Khalifa views, the area is set around vibrant Burj Lake, within walking distance of Burj Park.

5 Restaurants With Burj Khalifa Views

Apart from luxury buildings, there are some dining spots with Burj Khalifa views and they are:

1. Cé La Vi, Address Sky View, Downtown Dubai

Cé La Vi, a franchise from Singapore, offers stunning views of Dubai. 

Guests can unwind by the pool, savor the Burj Khalifa panorama at the oval bar, and relish contemporary Asian cuisine in their fine dining restaurants. 

Stay tuned to their entertainment calendar for live performances.

2. Urla

Seafood enthusiasts will appreciate the intimate atmosphere at Urla.

The menu takes diners on a culinary journey to the Aegean coast, featuring highlights like wagyu carpaccio and oysters. 

With views of Downtown Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains, coupled with live music and light installations, it creates a romantic ambiance. 

The venue’s resident DJ and a violinist duo offer live entertainment.

3. Hashi, Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa

The contemporary Japanese restaurant, Hashi, situated within Burj Khalifa, provides intimate views. 

This Michelin-starred eatery imports ingredients from Japan and offers a glimpse of the Dubai Fountains.

4. Inti, The Dubai Edition Hotel, Downtown Dubai

The Dubai Edition Hotel, Downtown Dubai
Image: Whatson.ae

Perched on the 23rd floor of The Dubai Edition hotel, Peruvian-Nikkei restaurant Inti offers Burj Khalifa views. 

Guests can enjoy a Peruvian Nikkei menu while listening to house and techno beats from the resident DJ.

5. Gal, The Address Downtown

Gal, a contemporary Mediterranean-Turkish restaurant, boasts an open kitchen, extensive cellar, and cocktail bar.

The open-air terrace provides impressive views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains.

Burj Khalifa View From Sheikh Zayed Road

The Shangri-La Hotel, a long-standing structure on Sheikh Zayed Road, provides extraordinary views of the Burj Khalifa and the cityscape from its 42nd floor. 

This perspective captures the energy and modernity of Dubai, offering a unique vantage point seen in many famous city images. 

Further down, Dubai Canal, a 3.2km-long waterway, offers a new waterfront experience, intersecting Sheikh Zayed Road. 

With remarkable architecture, community spaces, and a running track, the canal provides a scenic route to explore the city skyline, with the Burj Khalifa dominating the view.

Burj Khalifa View From The Malls

The Dubai Fountain, nestled at the base of Burj Khalifa on the 30-acre Burj Lake, offers an extravagant display of dancing water, lights, and music in the evenings. 

The choreography creates a vibrant spectacle, casting vibrant colors on the district. 

During the day, the lake reflects the surrounding buildings, providing a charming photograph.

Situated across from The Dubai Mall, the Arabesque shopping mall, Souk Al Bahar, offers another picturesque view of the Burj Khalifa. 

Designed as an indoor souk, it complements the tower’s modern architecture with sandy beige tones. 

Visitors can enjoy a seamless blend of heritage and the future. 

After shopping for antique goods and carpets, relax at one of Souk Al Bahar’s waterfront restaurants and admire the view.

Magical Photo Spots around Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard

Explore the charm of Dubai through your lens along Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. 

Discover some magical photo spots with Burj Khalifa views from Burj Plaza to the Palace Downtown Hotel.

Burj Plaza

Not just a square in Downtown Dubai, Burj Plaza seems tailor-made for Instagram. 

This unfenced oasis amid the urban jungle offers one of the most enchanting views of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall. 

Adorned with remarkable artist installations, like Wings of Mexico by sculptor Jorge Marín, the square frames the tower with expanding golden wings, creating a magical shot.

Palace Downtown Hotel

Palace Downtown Hotel
Image: Booking.com

A favorite among Instagram influencers, the Palace Downtown hotel entrance features an elegant courtyard with palm-lined ponds set against the backdrop of Burj Khalifa. 

Sunlight naturally illuminates the scene, enhancing the colors of trees and sky. 

After dark, strategically placed spotlights cast a warm glow with the Burj Khalifa twinkling in the night sky.

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera is a dhow-shaped entertainment venue hosting world-class performances near Burj Khalifa. 

As a landmark in Downtown Dubai, it offers an unparalleled view of the skyscrapers. 

Stepping outside, visitors are greeted with a neck-craning view of Burj Khalifa, emphasizing its record-breaking height as the world’s tallest building.

Featured Image: Noah Bikoro on Unsplash

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