Burj Khalifa at night

As the sun sets, Burj Khalifa comes alive with a mesmerizing light show that paints the Dubai skyline in vibrant hues. 

The tower’s facade dances with colors, perfectly choreographed to music, creating a captivating spectacle. 

From the observation decks, one can witness the city’s glittering lights and iconic landmarks, unveiling a new dimension to Dubai’s beauty.

This article is your one-stop guide to learn about visiting Burj Khalifa at night, what to expect, night tickets and more.  

Why visit Burj Khalifa at night?

There are several reasons why you should visit the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Visiting the Burj Khalifa at night will guarantee you an even more delightful experience.

Some of the reasons why Burj Khalifa’s view from top at night is special are:

  • The Dubai Fountain’s show

Dubai Fountain Show is the largest choreographed fountain show in the world. 

The fountain show takes place in Burj Lake beneath Burj Khalifa. 

The show is designed by the creators of the Bellagio Hotel (Las Vegas) and offers a  remarkable nighttime experience.

The Dubai Fountain hosts captivating shows daily from 6 PM to 11 PM, situated beneath the towering Burj Khalifa. 

These displays occur every 30 minutes and last around 3 minutes, featuring a combination of lights, water jets that soar over 100 meters, and music.

The shows are visible from 1000 meters and beyond, making them a treat for visitors on the 124th, 125th, or 148th floors of Burj Khalifa. 

What makes it even more exciting is that the music accompanying the spectacle changes throughout the night, adding variety to the Fountain’s performances.

  • Cooler Temperatures

As the sun sets, Dubai’s temperature drops.

It creates a more pleasant atmosphere for enjoying the Burj Khalifa’s viewpoints, especially the outdoors. 

This relief from the daytime heat lets you fully appreciate the breathtaking panoramic views.

  • Less Crowded

Opting for an evening visit, especially after sunset, offers a peaceful and serene experience on the observation decks. 

While the sunset attracts many visitors, the crowd thins out later in the evening, providing ample opportunities for uninterrupted sightseeing and photography.

Ticket prices for Burj Khalifa at night 

It is essential to book your tickets for visiting Burj Khalifa at night. 

You can either get your tickets at the venue or online. 

Since night tickets are in high demand, getting them at the ticket counter is hard. 

Hence we recommend you book your night entry ticket online in advance. 

With these tickets for Burj Khalifa at night, you can enjoy entry to the 124th and 125th floors. 

From here, experience the city from the world’s tallest skyscraper on the 124th and 125th floors. 

Enjoy the Dubai Marina area, the largest manmade island, and the illuminated Atlantis Hotel. 

Benefit from hotel pickup, a tour guide, and access to the 124th and 125th floors of Burj Khalifa for a breathtaking nighttime view of Dubai.

Adult ticket (11 to 99 years)AED 244 ($66)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)AED 152 ($41)
Infant ticket (0 to 3 years)Free

Burj Khalifa At The Top opening hours

During the week, The At the Top observatory deck (levels 124 and 125) is open from 10 am to 12 pm. 

On weekends, At the Top opens early at 8 am and closes at 12 pm

You can get the last entry to At the Top at 11 pm

At the Top Sky (Level 165) is open from 12 pm to 10 pm. 

The last entry to this level is at 9 pm

Prime hours of the observatory deck are from 4 pm to 6.30 pm. 

Admission costs during these hours are higher than at other times. 

When does the sun set in Dubai

Aim to arrive at least one hour before sunset to make the most of your sunset ticket. 

This gives you time to collect tickets, go up the lifts, and enjoy the golden hour light and the transition to night.

Remember that even with a timed ticket, you might still need to wait in line, as only 50 people are allowed on the sky deck at once. 

Depending on your waiting time, this experience can take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Check the actual sunset time before booking your ticket.

Though it doesn’t vary significantly between Dubai’s seasons, slight differences exist. 

The table below will help you choose the best time slot for your visit.

MonthSunset in DubaiTime to visit Burj Khalifa
January5.40 to 6.02 PM4 PM
February6.03 to 6.20 PM4.30 PM
March6.20 to 6.35 PM4.30 PM
April6.35 to 6.48 PM5 PM
May6.49 to 7.04 PM5.30 PM
June7.05 to 7.13 PM5.30 PM
July7.13 to 7.04 PM5.30 PM
August7.04 to 6.38 PM5 PM
September7.37 to 6.06 PM5 PM
October6.05 to 5.38 PM4.30 PM
November5.38 to 5.28 PM4 PM
December5.28 to 5.40 PM4 PM

Views from Burj Khalifa at night

When you ascend the Burj Khalifa, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Dubai’s vibrant nightlife, showcasing several distinctive buildings:

  1. Burj Al Arab: This opulent hotel stands tall at 321 meters, exuding luxury and extravagance.
  2. Dubai Frame: Resembling a frame, this unique structure reaches a height of 150 meters, offering a captivating contrast to the skyline.
  3. Dubai Mall: Boasting around 1,200 shops, this expansive shopping mall is easily recognizable with its bustling nighttime glow.
  4. Emirates Towers: Comprising Emirates Tower One (355 meters) and Emirates Tower Two (309 meters), these twin towers are beacons of modern architecture.
  5. Dubai Fountain: Stretching 275 meters, it comes to life at night with its dazzling water and light spectacle.

While Dubai’s splendid mosques grace the skyline during daylight hours, these illuminated landmarks become prominent features on the nighttime horizon.

You can watch light shows of other Dubai’s Landmarks from Burj Khalifa, like:

  • Burj Al Arab: The Burj Al Arab’s exterior is adorned with a different color each night, often featuring captivating blue lights.
    Its sail-like structure can be easily admired from above, showcasing its unique design.
  • Dubai Frame: A recent addition to the skyline, it stands out at night with its illuminated design.
    As you observe from the Burj Khalifa, you’ll witness the impressive frame aglow in various hues such as blue, yellow, green, and pink.
  • Dubai Fountain: Positioned closest to the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain boasts thousands of lights that come to life at night.
    The lights usually emit a warm yellow glow, occasionally transitioning to different colors that sync with the rhythm of the water show’s music.

Burj Khalifa light show

Burj Khalifa offers a mesmerizing light show every evening, preceding the aquatic dancing fountain display. 

Catch the first fountain show at dusk and return for the nighttime display with LED lighting on Burj Khalifa from 7.45 pm. 

The Burj Khalifa light show runs every 30 minutes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 10.45 pm. 

On weekdays, it’s every hour from 7.45 pm.

Special themed lightings on Burj Khalifa for various celebrations and occasions are common.

LED lights gradually illuminate Burj Lake as the sun sets, transforming the water into a starry expanse. 

Accompanied by lively music, the show adorns the tower’s façade with twinkling lights and dynamic laser projections. 

Each night presents a fresh theme, honoring the Middle East’s cultural heritage and future aspirations. 

This captivating display brings iconic UAE symbols to life, including the falcon in flight and desert dunes. 

The light show shines during significant occasions like Ramadan, Chinese New Year, and various festivals.

Other ways to experience Burj Khalifa at night 

Instead of opting for the observation deck with the crowds, several alternatives exist to enjoy the Burj Khalifa after dark. 

Here are some ways to enjoy Burj Khalifa at night instead of visiting the observation decks. 


Indulge in dining at At.Mosphere, an exclusive restaurant on Level 122 of the Burj Khalifa. 

They offer dining programs throughout the day, with a dinner menu and a late-night menu in the lounge:

  • Evening Restaurant timings: 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm 
  • Evening Lounge timings: 5 pm to 2 am

Bubbly Sundowner

You can visit the Burj Khalifa’s top floor for a premium and private experience of touring the Burj Khalifa at night. 

Experience the Bubbly Sunset at The Lounge on Levels 152 to 154. 

Enjoy a house beverage and canapes from 5.30 pm to 8 pm. 

Tickets are priced at 749 AED for a remarkable experience.

Dubai Fountains & Burj Khalifa light show

If heights aren’t your preference, you can:

  • Watch the LED Burj Khalifa light show from Dubai Mall & Downtown promenade during the fountain show.
  • Dine at Downtown Dubai restaurants near Burj Lake to see the fountain and Burj Khalifa light shows at night.
  • Take a traditional boat on the lake during the evening fountain show.

Water Sports activities on Burj Lake

Just before sunset, you can hire kayaks, water bikes, or pedal boats on Burj Lake.

Ground-level views

During cooler months, choose a rooftop restaurant or bar slightly away from Downtown to admire the sparkling Burj Khalifa with a broader view.

These options offer unique ways to enjoy the Burj Khalifa’s splendor after sunset.

Getting to the Burj Khalifa at Night 

Burj Khalifa, a towering structure in Downtown Dubai, is adjacent to the Dubai Mall. 

There are multiple transportation options to reach the Burj Khalifa from Downtown Dubai:

Metro: Take the red line and exit at the “Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall” stop. The metro operates from 5.30 am to midnight most days, with extended hours until 1 am on Thursdays and Fridays.

Taxi: Simply inform the taxi driver of your destination. The fare is approximately $25 or less, depending on your starting point.

Bus: Catch the F13 bus and disembark at the “Dubai Mall” stop. 

You have until midnight to return to your hotel after enjoying the night views from Burj Khalifa. 

Note that many Dubai sightseeing buses do not offer nighttime schedules.

Walking: If the distance is manageable, walking is an option. The distinctive appearance of the Burj Khalifa makes it easy to spot among the surrounding buildings.

Burj Khalifa cost per night

If you’re interested in staying at the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel Dubai is your only option for an overnight experience within Burj Khalifa. 

However, remember that this exclusive and luxurious accommodation comes at a premium cost.

The Armani Hotel Dubai price per night can range up to AED 2500. 

Therefore, it’s wise to plan your budget accordingly if you’re considering a stay there.

Several nearby hotel choices are available for those seeking a splendid view of the Burj Khalifa without the expense of staying inside. 

These options provide a spectacular vista of the iconic landmark without the hefty price tag associated with staying within the Burj Khalifa itself.

Burj Khalifa at night or day?

If you are wondering what the best time to visit Burj Khalifa is – Day or night, the answer depends on your preferences. 

During the daytime, visitors to the Burj Khalifa can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline and surrounding landscapes. 

The observation decks offer a clear perspective of the city’s architectural marvels, including the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina. 

The ample natural light provides excellent visibility and a chance to capture the city’s vibrant, sunlit glory. 

Visitors can witness the intricate details of Dubai’s iconic structures and the city’s bustling activities from a bird’s-eye view.

As the sun sets and Dubai’s skyline transforms, the Burj Khalifa takes on a magical aura at night. 

The city’s lights illuminate the landscape, and the tower becomes a masterpiece. 

Visitors are treated to a display of LED lights that adorn the exterior of the Burj Khalifa, often changing colors and patterns. 

The synchronized LED light show accentuates the architectural features of the building, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. 

The Dubai Fountain show, near the Burj Khalifa, adds to the night’s allure. 

The shimmering lights, dancing water, and the city’s night sound create a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Hence if you want to enjoy clear views, visit during the day or if you prefer a romantic ambiance and the nightlife, visit Burj Khalifa at night. 


1. Is it better to visit Burj Khalifa at night? 

Visiting Burj Khalifa at night offers a captivating experience with its illuminated exterior, synchronized light, and fountain show. 

The nighttime ambiance adds a magical touch to the cityscape.

2. How much does it cost to go to Burj Khalifa at night? 

Ticket prices for Burj Khalifa vary based on the time of visit and observation deck chosen. 

Generally, nighttime tickets might have a similar cost to daytime ones. Prices can range from around AED 606 ($165) per person.

3. Does the Burj Khalifa light up every night? 

The Burj Khalifa is illuminated every night with dynamic LED lights that create a stunning visual display. 

Coupled with the Dubai Fountain show, it contributes to the area’s vibrant nightlife.

4. How long can you stay in Burj Khalifa? 

The duration of a visit to Burj Khalifa varies. 

Generally, visitors can stay on the observation decks for about 1 to 1.5 hours, but this can depend on the ticket type and the crowd present.

5. Are there fireworks at Burj Khalifa at night? 

While fireworks have been showcased during special events like New Year’s Eve, they are not regular at Burj Khalifa. 

The tower’s nightly charm relies on its LED lights and fountain displays.

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