Burj Khalifa parking

The Burj Khalifa parking garage has over 3000 parking spaces available. 

But even with so many parking spaces, you will not find parking at the Burj Tower parking lot. 

Only residents and visitors with reservations at At.mospehere and Armani Hotel can park in this Burj Khalifa parking lot. 

But are you a visitor to the Burj Khalifa observatory deck who needs a parking space?

If you plan to drive, you need to park your car at the parking facilities available at the Dubai Mall.  

The parking facility at Dubai Mall is divided into sections with varying parking slots, such as Grand, Fashion and Zabeel parking.

The fashion parking level LG is the best place to park.

Parking at Dubai Mall is free for visitors. 

Valet parking at Dubai Mall is also available but at a small fee between AED 50 ($14) and AED 100 ($27).

Here is an overview of the timings of Dubai Mall parking near Burj Khalifa:

Dubai Mall parkingOpening timingsClosing timings
Sunday to Thursday10 am12 am
Friday to Saturday10 am1 am

Other Parking options near Burj Khalifa

It’s tough to find a spot in the Burj Khalifa parking lot. Hence, you might want other options. 

Dont worry, we got you. Here are two more Burj Khalifa parking options for you to choose from:

Souk Al Bahar car park

Souk Al Bahar car park
Image: Dubailocal.ae

The Souk Al Bahar car park is a covered and free parking facility located 10 mins away from the Burj. 

For the first two hours, it’s free, but for every hour beyond that, you must pay an additional fee of AED 10 ($3).

Souk Al Bahar car park is open all days of the week. 

Boulevard Parking 

Boulevard Parking
Image: Dubailocal.ae

Boulevard Parking is an excellent option for those who have electric cars. You will find the charging point here. 

Boulevard parking is an underground parking facility with 2200 spots. You don’t have to pay a parking fee to access this lot. 

Open all days of the week, provides parking for a maximum of 2 days.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera is an underground parking space for those visiting the Burj Khalifa or nearby attractions. 

While it allows parking to all, the priority is opera customers. 

Open all days of the week, charges AED 10 ($3) per hour up to 4 hours and an additional AED 20 ($6) per hour. 

The maximum stay allowed is 2 days at the flat rate of AED 50 ($15). 


1. Is there parking for Burj Khalifa?

Yes, Burj Khalifa has dedicated parking. But it is only accessible to those who have a residence permit.

2. Which parking is best for Burj Khalifa?

Dubai Mall offers the best parking facility for those visiting the Burj Khalifa. 

You can also think of parking on the street for free or use a close-by paid parking facility.

3. How much does Burj Khalifa parking cost?

Burj Khalifa parking only permits residents to park their vehicles in its vast parking lot. 

But you can use the parking facilities at the Dubai Mall, which are free.

4. Where do you park when visiting Burj Khalifa?

If you are looking for affordable parking, you can park on the streets or at the Dubai Mall. 

Featured Image: NBCnews.com

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