Dhow Cruises- tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect and more

Dhows are traditional Arabian sailboats made into beautiful cruise ships that you can try in Dubai.

You can go on Dhow cruises in the evening and enjoy stunning views of Dubai’s bright lights and tall buildings.

During the cruise, you can have delicious food- a mix of local and international dishes paired with onboard entertainment like music and dance. 

A Dhow Cruise is a fantastic way to relax and have a special evening in Dubai. 

So, if you visit Dubai, don’t miss the chance to experience a Dhow Cruise for a unique and memorable time.


Royal Marian Dhow Cruise

Royal Marian Dhow Cruise

  • 2 Hour Dinner Cruise
  • Marina Sightseeing
  • Light Refreshments (non-alcoholic)
  • Dinner buffet

Price: AED 397 ($108) 

Top Experiences

2 hour dhow cruise

2 hour Dubai Dhow Cruise

  • A Dhow dinner cruise at either Dubai Creek, Dubai Canal, or Dubai Marina
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Welcome drinks and unlimited refreshments

Prices: From AED 294 ($81)

Romantic Dhow Cruise

Romantic Dhow Cruise

  • Cruise of Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Blue Water Island, and The Dubai Eye
  • International buffet dinner- vegetarian and non-vegetarian options
  • Traditional live entertainment 

Price: AED 162 ($45) 

Royal Marina Dhow Cruise

Royal Marina Dhow Cruise

  • 2- Hour Dinner Cruise
  • Marina Sightseeing
  • Light Refreshments (non-alcoholic) and Dinner buffet

Price: AED 397 ($109) 

How to book Dhow Cruise Dubai?

You can book your Dhow Cruise Dubai tickets online or at the ticket offices.

But we recommend booking your Dhow Cruise tickets online for a seamless experience.

After entering your details, select your required dates and the time slot. Then, all that remains is to enter your banking details and confirm your tickets.

Once your payment is through, you will receive an email with the confirmed tickets.

When you get to the meeting point for your cruise, just show your Dhow Cruise tickets, and you are good to go. 

Check out these Dhow Cruise tickets and pick the best one for you.

Dubai Dhow Cruise prices

The Dhow Crusie ticket prices change based on the location you opt for.

There are three options – Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina and the Dubai Canal  

If you plan on the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise, it will cost you AED 294 ($81) per adult and AED 265 ($73) for a child (ages 11 and below). 

The Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise lasts for 3 hours and costs AED 329 ($89) per adult and AED 286 ($78) per child.

The three-hour Dubai Canal Dhow Cruise with dinner can be booked for AED 338 ($93) per adult and AED 309 ($85).

The prices of Dhow Cruises also depend on the duration and inclusion of the cruise. 

A romantic 2-hour dinner cruise costs you AED 162 ($45) per adult.

With to-and-fro transport included and the self-drive options, it would cost you AED 166 ($46) per adult.

Another great option, the Royal Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise, can be booked for at the starting price of AED 397 ($109) per adult.

What are the best Dhow Cruises in Dubai?

You will find two types of Dhow Cruises in Dubai- the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise and the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise

Both of these cruises provide a different experience depending on their starting locations.

With the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise, you will sail around/in the Dubai Marina. 

And, on a Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise, you explore the Dubai Creek in Old Dubai. 

Here are the best Dhow cruises in Dubai for you to check out:

Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina

This is a romantic 2-hour dinner cruise aboard a traditional Arabic dhow in Dubai Marina. 

You will sail past The Palm Island, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai Marina mega-yachts, The Blu Water Island, and Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye). 

Enjoy an international and Asian buffet dinner- with Arabic, English, and Hindi music and Tanura dancers to entertain you. 

Ticket includes:

  • Cruise of Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Blue Water Island, and The Dubai Eye
  • Welcome drinks and unlimited refreshments
  • International buffet dinner- vegetarian and non-vegetarian options
  • Traditional live entertainment 

Ticket prices:

Visitor AgesTicket prices
Adult ticket (10 to 99 years)AED 162 ($45)
Child ticket (4 to 9 years)AED 135 ($37)
Infant ticket (0 to 3 years)Free

2-Hour Evening Dhow Cruise and Dinner

This is a 2-hour evening tour aboard a Dubai dhow beneath the starry skies and with a diverse selection of international dishes. 

Your journey will start on a traditional Arabian dhow, where you will enjoy a feast with Arabic and international cuisine. 

You will glide past Dubai’s illuminated waterfront, graced by souks, banks, and palaces.

With this Dhow Cruise ticket, you get a complimentary pickup and drop from your hotel. 

Ticket includes:

  • A Dhow dinner cruise at either Dubai Creek, Dubai Canal, or Dubai Marina
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Welcome drinks and unlimited refreshments

Ticket prices:

Location Ticket prices
Adult ticket (12 to 99 years) for Dubai Creek cruiseAED 294 ($81)
Child ticket (0 to 11 years) for Dubai Creek cruiseAED 265 ($73)
Adult ticket (12 to 99 years) for Dubai Marina cruiseAED 329 ($90)
Child ticket (0 to 11 years) for Dubai Marina cruiseAED 286 ($78)
Adult ticket (12 to 99 years) for Dubai Canal cruiseAED 338 ($92)
Child ticket (0 to 11 years) for Dubai Canal cruiseAED 309 ($84) 

Royal Marina Dhow Dinner Cruise

Dubai comes alive when you join this 5-Star Dhow Dinner cruise. 

This popular tour takes you through the dazzling Dubai Marina, illuminated skyscrapers and iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa. 

Savor a gourmet buffet prepared by top chefs, offering various international dishes while surrounded by traditional Dubai scents and background music. 

This cruise is perfect for everyone, making it a must-do for an unforgettable Dubai experience.

Ticket includes:

  • 2- Hour Dinner Cruise
  • Marina Sightseeing
  • Light Refreshments (non-alcoholic) and Dinner buffet

Ticket prices:

Visitor AgesTicket prices
Adult ticket (12 to 99 years)AED 397 ($109)
Child ticket(4 to 11 years)AED 315 ($85)
Infant ticket (0 to 3 years)Free

Should you do a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

Yes, doing a Dhow Cruise in Dubai is a great idea. It’s a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors. 

On a Dhow Cruise, you sail on calm waters while admiring the dazzling Dubai skyline. The evening views are magical with all the city lights.

You can also savor delicious food, including local and international dishes, and enjoy music and dance performances. 

It’s a relaxing and romantic way to spend an evening with your loved ones or friends. 

Whether you are a tourist or a local, a Dhow Cruise in Dubai offers a memorable and pleasant outing that lets you see the city from a different perspective.

What to expect on a Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruises in Dubai offers various enjoyable activities for tourists and visitors. Here’s what you can expect on a Dhow Cruise:

While on the Dhow, you will get breathtaking views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, like the dazzling city skyline, Palm Jumeirah, and more. 

Most dhow cruises include a delicious buffet dinner with a mix of local and international cuisine. 

Dhow cruises feature live music, including Arabic, English, and Hindi tunes. 

You can also witness captivating performances like the traditional Tanura dance, etc.

The dhow provides a serene environment to unwind, chat with friends and family, or enjoy the calm waters under the night sky.

Dhow cruises are perfect for couples seeking a romantic evening in Dubai with the shimmering city lights as a backdrop.

The cruise offers fantastic photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the memorable moments.

Overall, a Dubai Dhow Cruise combines sightseeing, dining, entertainment, and relaxation, making it a delightful experience for all.

How to reach Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai leaves from the Persian Gulf in Dubai, UAE. 

There are two popular dhow cruises: Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

The Dhow Cruise Marina starts near The Palm Islands in Dubai Marina, while the Creek Cruise begins in historic Dubai Creek, known as Old Dubai. 

Both offer unique experiences and depart from different locations.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

You can easily use public transportation to reach the meeting point for Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. 

Address: Behind Al Rahim Mosque – Marina Promenade – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

By Bus

Bus lines 8, 84 and F55A go and stop near Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. 

The closest bus stop is the Jumeirah Beach Residence Station 2, a 13-minute from Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.

By Metro

You can take the metro line M1 to reach Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. 

The closest metro station is the Jumeirah Lake Towers Metro Station, just a short 6-minute walk from the meeting point.

By Light Rail

You can take the T1 light rail to reach Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise. 

The nearest light rail station to Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise is Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 Tram Station. It’s an 8 min walk.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

To reach the starting point of Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek, you can take public transport or drive.

Address: Opposite Radisson Blue Hotel Deira Creek – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

By Bus

You can take bus lines 27, C9, E303 and E303A are the best buses to catch to reach Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek. 

The closest bus stops to Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek are:

  • Deira, Beniyas Square – 01, 138 meters away, 2 min walk.
  • Deira, Beniyas Road – 01, 291 meters away, 4 min walk.
  • Union Square Bus Station – 01, 434 meters away, 6 min walk.

By Metro

You can take the Metro lines M1 and M2 to Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek. 

The nearest metro stations are:

  • Baniyas Square Metro Station, 1196 meters away, 16 min walk.
  • Union Metro Station, 1882 meters away, 25 min walk.

What should I wear on Dhow Cruise?

Choosing the right clothes for a Dhow Cruise is important to ensure you’re comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Opt for casual, comfortable attire. 

Lightweight and breathable fabrics, like cotton, are a good choice, especially in Dubai’s warm weather.

Dubai has a conservative dress code, so it’s best to cover your shoulders and knees. 

For ladies, a maxi dress, knee-length skirt, or pants with a modest top works well. 

For men, shorts are okay, but a shirt with sleeves is better.

Wear comfortable shoes, like sandals or flats, as you’ll be walking on the boat and may need to remove your shoes while dining.

It can get cooler in the evening, so consider bringing a light jacket or shawl. 

Don’t forget sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen for sun protection.

Also, do check with the specific Dhow Cruise provider for any dress code requirements they may have. 

For the best experience, aim to balance comfort and respecting local customs for an enjoyable and worry-free cruise experience.

What is the difference between Dhow Cruise Creek and Marina Dhow Cruise?

The main difference between a  Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and a Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek is the location and the views you’ll enjoy.

Dubai Creek is the historic heart of Dubai, while Dubai Marina is a modern waterfront area. So, the location is the most significant contrast. 

Creek Cruises has a more traditional and cultural vibe, while Marina Cruises offers a modern and upscale experience.

Creek Cruises pass by historic sites like Al Bastakiya, while Marina Cruises offer views of iconic landmarks like Palm Jumeirah and Ain Dubai.

On a Creek Dhow Cruise, you will see the traditional side of Dubai, with old buildings and bustling souks (markets). It offers a glimpse into Dubai’s history. 

In contrast, a Marina Dhow Cruise takes you through the glittering skyscrapers of modern Dubai, showcasing its contemporary architecture.

Both options typically include delicious dining and entertainment. 

Still, the choice between them depends on whether you prefer the old-world charm of Dubai Creek or the glitz and glamour of Dubai Marina.

What is included in the Dhow Cruise dinner menu?

The Dhow Cruise dinner menu usually includes a variety of delicious dishes to cater to different tastes. Here’s what you can typically find:

You often find appetizers like salads, bread, and dips to kickstart your meal.

The main course typically features a mix of local and international cuisine. Expect options like grilled meats, seafood, rice, pasta, and vegetarian dishes.

There might be side dishes like vegetables, sauces, and condiments to complement your main course.

Indulge in sweet treats like pastries, cakes, fruits, and traditional Middle Eastern sweets.

Soft drinks, mineral water, tea, and coffee are usually included and served throughout the cruise.

Some cruises offer specialty dishes or regional delicacies to provide a unique culinary experience.

The menu can vary depending on the cruise operator, so it’s a good idea to check in advance if you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions. 

Other attractions to visit in Dubai

Dubai is home to many world marvels and offers a lot of exciting things to do. 

As we list all the must-visit attractions of Dubai, take note and visit them for sure!

View of Burh Khalifa

Burj Khalifa ↗

Tour the tallest building in the world and view the city from the best vantage point. Get on level 148 to enjoy city views and a luxurious restaurant and spa. 

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium ↗

Dubai Aquarium, one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, is home to over 33,000 aquatic animals, including more than 140 species of sea life.

Things to do in a dubai desert safari

Dubai Desert Safari ↗

Dubai Desert Safari is a popular tourist activity and typically includes a thrilling ride in a 4×4 vehicle through the dunes.

Palm Jumeirah ↗

Atlantis ↗

 A popular destination on the island, offering a range of water-based activities and attractions.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame ↗

The Dubai Frame is a 150-meter-tall structure shaped like a picture frame, with two vertical towers
connected by a bridge at the top.

Featured Image: Facebook.com(dhowcruisesindubai)

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