Dinner Cruise Dubai- tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect and more

Dinner cruises in Dubai are a delightful way to experience the city’s charm. 

Gliding along the calm waters, you will have a sumptuous meal while enjoying stunning views of Dubai’s iconic skyline, including the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Jumeirah. 

These cruises offer a mix of international cuisine, entertainment, and a romantic ambiance, making them perfect for couples or families.

Whether you choose a traditional dhow cruise or a modern luxury yacht, the glittering cityscape and sea breeze are a great backdrop. 

Let’s find out more about this memorable dining experience in Dubai.


Marina yatch with meals

Marina Yacht Cruise with meals

  • 5-star luxury dinner cruise Dubai
  • Light breakfast with pastries, Turkish labneh, fruit, cheese, butter & jam 
  • BBQ lunch or dinner buffet

Price: AED 115 ($43)

Best Dinner Cruise in Dubai 

Marina yacth dubai

Marina Yacht with meals

  • 5-star luxury dinner cruise Dubai
  • Light breakfast with pastries, Turkish labneh, fruit, cheese, butter & jam 
  • BBQ lunch or dinner buffet

Price: AED 115 ($43)

Luxury Canal Cruise(1)

Luxury Canal Cruise

  • Cruise right beneath Dubai’s Waterfall Bridge
  • Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

Price: AED 265 ($42) 

Burj Khalifa 124 & Lunch Dinner at Burj Club

Dinner Cruise with show 

  • Dinner Cruise with an International buffet meal
  • Silver Pass for La Perle
  • Pickup and return shared transfer

Price: AED 405 ($111)

How to book Dinner Cruise Dubai?

Dinner Cruises Dubai is a popular activity, and the tickets might go sold out during the tourist seasons of November to February.

You can book your dinner cruise Dubai tickets online or at the ticket booths.  

We recommend you book your dinner cruises in Dubai online in advance.

Online tickets are easy to purchase and save the hassle of standing in queues. 

Moreover, you do not have to search for ticket booths and secure your entry from the comfort of your room. 

Also, online Dubai dinner cruise tickets are cheaper than offline tickets. 

You can find a variety of Dubai Dinner Cruises online. 

Choose the one that suits you best. Select your required dates and the time slot to buy the ticket. 

Once your payment is through, you will get the ticket in your email. 

When you get to the meeting point for your cruise, just show your dinner cruise tickets, and you are good to go. 

Dubai Dinner Cruise prices

Depending on the amenities chosen and the type of cruise, your Dubai Dinner Cruise prices will vary. 

A Marina Yacht Cruise with a meal starts from AED 155 ($43) per person and varies according to the meal chosen.

Mega Yacht Cruise with Buffet Dinner costs AED 249 ($68) per adult and AED 199 ($55) per child. 

If you want live entertainment, opt for the Marina Dinner Cruise. It starts at AED170 ($47) for an adult.

For the Dubai Luxury Canal Dinner Cruise, you must pay an entry fee of AED 265 ($72) per adult! And AED 206 ($56) for a child. 

If you want to do much more than just a dinner cruise, you can opt for the Cruise and La Perle Show with Dinner, for AED 405 ($111) per person.

Best Dinner Cruise Dubai

There are several dinner cruises in Dubai for you to choose from. We have scoured the internet and compiled a list of the best dinner cruises in Dubai! 

Here are a few of the top-notch dinner cruise experiences in Dubai for you to try:

Marina Yacht Cruise with Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

Your yacht journey begins with a warm welcome and refreshments. 

Relax and savor a delicious meal as you pass iconic landmarks like the Burj Al Arab Hotel. 

Water and attentive crew service are available throughout the trip. 

Cruise past the Dubai Eye, Dubai Harbor, Big Cruises, Jumeirah Beach, and the Palm. Choose from breakfast, lunch, or BBQ dinner, depending on your cruise time. 

Enjoy 5-star amenities, including dining areas and well-lit cabins. Unwind in the lounge, offering sun and shade for a relaxing experience.

Ticket includes:

  • 5-star luxury dinner cruise Dubai
  • Light breakfast with pastries, Turkish labneh, fruit, cheese, butter & jam 
  • BBQ lunch or dinner buffet

Ticket prices:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (10 to 99 years)AED 155 ($43)
Child ticket (6 to 9 years)AED 111 ($31)
Infant ticket (0 to 5 years)Free

Dubai Luxury Canal Dinner Cruise

On this Dhow dinner cruise, experience unmatched luxury and exclusivity on our licensed 2-tier dhow cruise. 

On this cruise, you can watch the IMAGINE Show and the stunning Sensor Operated Waterfall Bridge. 

You will catch breathtaking skyline views in the glass-enclosed dhow, unique to the Dubai Water Canal. 

Savor a 5-star culinary journey with live chef stations.

Ticket includes:

  • Cruise right beneath Dubai’s Waterfall Bridge
  • Dhow Dinner Cruise Dubai
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

Ticket prices:

Visitor AgesTicket prices
Adult ticket (12 to 99 years)AED 265 ($72)
Child ticket (4 to 11 years)AED 206 ($56)
Infant ticket (0 to 3 years)Free

Canal Cruise and La Perle Show with Dinner

Spend a relaxing evening aboard a luxury dhow along the Dubai Water Canal. 

Enjoy an international buffet and stunning views of landmarks. 

Board the glass-enclosed dhow, glide under Sheikh Zayed Bridge and marvel at Burj Khalifa and Imagine attraction. 

Then, with a Silver Pass, finish the night at La Perle, Dubai’s top show.

Opt for a return transfer for convenience, and your driver will pick you up after the show and return you to your accommodation. 

Ticket includes:

  • International buffet meal
  • Silver Pass for La Perle
  • Pickup and return shared transfer

Ticket prices:

The Dinner Cruise ticket prices vary based on your transportation choice. 

The ticket prices for all visitors above 2 years are: 

InclusionTicket prices
Without pick up and drop off AED 405 ($111)
With pick up and drop offAED 489 ($133) 

Note: Ages 2 and younger are not permitted.

Marina Yacht Cruise with Buffet Dinner

Set sail on a Dubai city sightseeing cruise and savor a buffet dinner filled with diverse flavors. 

Your journey begins from Dubai Marina, offering views of Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Dubai Ferris Wheel, and the famous Atlantis Hotel, set against Palm Jumeirah Island.

Inside the main dining area, indulge in a wide array of local and international dishes. 

Ticket includes:

  • Dubai yacht dinner cruise
  • Live entertainment, in-house DJ
  • International buffet dishes and alcoholic beverages

Ticket prices:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 99 years)AED 249 ($68)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years) AED 199 ($55)
Infant ticket (Ages 3 and younger)Free

Marina Dinner Cruise with Drinks and Live Music

Board a luxurious glass-enclosed boat for a dinner cruise in Dubai. 

Enjoy a complimentary drink and explore two decks, including a glass-enclosed lower deck and an open-air upper deck with Persian Gulf breezes.

Feast on a buffet of continental and oriental cuisine and refreshing drinks, and listen to romantic music as you dine. 

Ticket includes:

  • Dubai Marina dinner cruise
  • Buffet dinner and unlimited soft drinks
  • Return yacht cruise

Ticket prices:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (13 to 99 years)AED170 ($47)
Child ticket (3 to 12 years)AED129 ($36)
Infant ticket (0 to 2 years)Free

Should you do a Dinner Cruise in Dubai?

Experiencing a dinner cruise in Dubai is a must for several reasons.

Whether you’re on a honeymoon or a romantic date, the serene waters and soft evening lights create a romantic ambiance that’s hard to beat.

Opt for a traditional dhow cruise to enjoy a blend of Arabian culture and modern luxury. You can savor local cuisine and live entertainment while cruising.

Dinner cruises serve sumptuous international and local dishes, catering to a variety of palates. 

It’s a perfect opportunity to savor delicious food in a unique setting.

These cruises typically offer hassle-free experiences, including hotel transfers, so you can simply relax and enjoy the evening.

What to expect on a dinner cruise

When you embark on a dinner cruise in Dubai, you can expect a memorable and enchanting experience.

As you set sail along Dubai’s serene waters, you will be treated to views of the city’s illuminated skyline- the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah dazzle in the evening.

Dinner cruises offer a delectable feast with various international and local dishes. 

The menus are thoughtfully crafted to cater to different tastes, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

Most dinner cruises include live entertainment, such as traditional music and dance performances, adding to the ambiance and cultural immersion.

These cruises often provide hotel pickups and drop-offs, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

A dinner cruise in Dubai promises a blend of scenic beauty, delectable dining, entertainment, and convenience!

What should I wear on the Dinner Cruise in Dubai?

When preparing for a dinner cruise in Dubai, it’s essential to dress comfortably and appropriately for a memorable evening. 

Opt for smart casual attire. Men can wear dress slacks and a collared shirt, while women can choose a nice dress or blouse with slacks or a skirt.

Select comfortable footwear, as you may need to walk on the boat’s deck. Closed-toe shoes or dressy sandals are great options.

Dubai evenings can be warm, so consider lightweight clothing. However, bringing a light jacket or shawl is a good idea, as it can get breezy on the water.

To complement your outfit, keep accessories simple, like a watch and small jewelry pieces.

Bring sunglasses and sunscreen for added comfort if you plan to spend time on the open deck.

Dubai is a multicultural city, but it’s respectful to dress modestly, avoiding revealing or excessively casual clothing.

Tips for getting the most out of your dinner cruise

To make the most of your dinner cruise in Dubai, consider these simple tips:

  • Reserve your cruise ahead of time to secure your preferred date and time, especially during peak tourist seasons.
  • Arriving early allows you to board calmly and find the best seating for optimal views.
  • Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the stunning cityscape and memorable moments.
  • Opt for smart casual attire to enhance the experience and ensure you feel comfortable throughout the evening.
  • Relish the diverse and delicious dishes offered on the cruise. Don’t forget to try local specialties.
  • Embrace the entertainment, whether it’s live music, dancing, or cultural performances—it adds to the overall experience.
  • Strike up conversations with fellow guests. You might make new friends and enhance your cruise experience.
  • The gentle rocking of the boat can be soothing. Take time to unwind, enjoy the views, and savor the moment.
  • Consider a dinner cruise for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events—it adds a touch of magic to your celebration.
  • Return to the dock on time, especially if you have other plans afterward.

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