Dubai Dinner in the Sky

Dubai consistently offers remarkable recreational experiences, and Dinner in the Sky is no exception. 

This extraordinary dining adventure uses a crane to suspend guests 50 meters above the ground.

It provides breathtaking vistas of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, including the Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah. 

According to Forbes, the Dubai Dinner in the Sky experience is one of the top 10 most unique restaurants globally.

Dinner in the Sky was introduced in the UAE in 2013, gracing the skies of Abu Dhabi. 

Subsequently, it made its mark at the Dubai International Marine Club during the winter seasons of 2016 and 2017, amassing immense popularity. 

After a hiatus, Dinner in the Sky Dubai is back, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those seeking a unique dining experience.

Read this article to learn about Dinner in the Sky in Dubai, covering everything from pricing and location to tour duration.

What is Dinner in the Sky Dubai?

This unique dining experience is located at Al Sufouh – Skydive Dubai, welcoming guests with a warm reception, a welcome drink, and an enticing passport menu. 

The hosts provide a comprehensive rundown of the experience and require guests to sign a waiver as a safety precaution. 

Operated by High Sky Event Management, Dinner in the Sky Dubai operates year-round, offering up to 6 sessions daily, with two tables accommodating 22 guests each. 

The entire experience lasts 90 minutes, with 60 minutes dedicated to dining while suspended in the air.

The first 15 minutes are for buckling the guests while seating and the last 15 minutes are for disembarking. 

Guests are securely strapped into bucket seats with a robust harness, ensuring their comfort as they indulge in a delectable meal while taking in the breathtaking Dubai skyline.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai Timings

Dinner in the Sky Dubai is open daily from 2 pm to 11 pm. You can choose from various meal slots.

Lunch slots are available from 2 pm to 3 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm.

The afternoon tea slot is from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Dinner slots are from 6 pm to 8 pm, 8 pm to 9 pm, and 9 pm to 11 pm.

Dining OptionTimings
Lunch2 pm – 3 pm
Lunch3 pm – 5 pm
Afternoon Tea5 pm – 6 pm
Dinner 16 pm – 8 pm
Dinner 28 pm – 9 pm
Dinner 39 pm – 11 pm

How to reach Sky Dinner in Dubai

Address: Al Sufoh – Al Seyahi St – next to zero gravity – Skydive – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Get Direction.

Getting to the Dinner in the Sky Dubai venue at Al Sufouh – Skydive Dubai is hassle-free with various transit options:

You can choose from public transport options like the metro, tram, or bus to reach the venue.

You can hop on Line M Red and head to the DAMAC Property metro station.

You can use the tram service from Terminal 1 to Mina Seyahi station.

Bus numbers 8 or 24 will get you to Mina Al Seyahi, specifically the Le Meridien Hotel 1 bus stop.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai Tickets

​​Indulge in a remarkable dining experience in Dubai as you’re suspended 50 meters above the ground. 

Revel in a 3-course meal prepared by a live chef while enjoying stunning panoramic views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. 

Capture memorable moments with family and friends as you dine in the sky. 

The experience includes a rotating table for unique angles of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, and more. 

A professional supervisor will happily assist you during your meal for your safety.

Ticket Includes

  • 3-course menu
  • Fresh juice and soft drinks
  • Coffee and tea

Ticket Prices

The Dinner in the Sky experience offers a variety of meal options to suit different tastes and preferences. 

The ticket prices for visitors above 8 years are 731 AED, with four main meal choices. 

These options include Angus Beef Short Rib, Sous-Vide Chicken Breast, Pan Seared Salmon, and Vegetarian Tortellini or Vegan Penne Pasta. 

Each meal is accompanied by a delightful starter of Italian burrata and a delicious chocolate sphere with ice cream for dessert. 

Children aged 7 and below cannot participate in this unique dining experience.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai Menu

The menu of the Dinner in the Sky in Dubai is created by renowned chefs from The Westin and Le Meridien Hotels. 

The menu offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner options.

The 3-course meal features delightful dishes like Tortellini Pasta, Oriental Beef, Corn-fed Poultry, Sea Bass, Middle-Eastern Salad, and Fruit Potpourris. 

Prices per person for a weekend dinner range from AED 599 to AED 799, depending on the style of food and the day of the week. 

The afternoon tea boasts a selection of savory and sweet platters accompanied by freshly brewed coffee and tea blends. 

Treat yourself to almond croissants, finger sandwiches, coffee and walnut scones, tuna, smoked chicken, salad sandwiches, and more. 

Please note that alcohol and cocktails are not served on this tour. 

The afternoon tea menu offers a heavenly dessert platter featuring Cheesecakes, Orange blossom Sacher torte, Macarons, Pies, and Pastries, all enjoyed 50 meters high in the sky with breathtaking views.You can check out the detailed menu here.

Things to know before visiting Dubai Sky Dinner

Before you arrive at the Sky Dinner in Dubai, make sure you know these essential details: 

  • Arrival Time: Guests are advised to arrive 30 minutes before booking to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Booking Confirmation: The booking confirmation will be provided during the dinner reservation process.

  • Capacity: The maximum capacity for Dinner in the Sky is 22 guests per dining session.

  • Accessibility: Dinner in the Sky does not offer wheelchair access.

  • Health Considerations: Pregnant women, heart patients, and those with serious medical conditions are advised to avoid this experience.

  • Refund policy: Refunds will not be provided if guests miss a tour due to late arrival or non-arrival.

  • Dietary Preferences: Vegetarian alternatives are available upon request when booking, so please inform the organization in advance if you have dietary concerns.

  • Dress code: Guests should dress appropriately and comfortably for the tour.

  • Weight Limit: Each guest’s weight must not exceed 150 Kg.

  • Age Requirement: The minimum age to attend Dinner in the Sky Dubai is nine years. An adult must accompany children aged 9 to 12.

  • Height Requirement: Passengers attending Dinner in the Sky must have a minimum height of four feet or 120 cm.

  • Emergency Protocol: Visit the washrooms before boarding. The flight will be brought down in an emergency, but the tour cannot continue.

FAQs: Dinner in the Sky Dubai

1. What do you wear to Dinner in the Sky Dubai?

Dinner in the Sky is a thrilling experience, so prioritize comfort and warmth during cooler evenings. 

It’s advisable to avoid skirts, abayas, and open shoes for your safety and comfort.

2. Is Dinner in the Sky safe?

Absolutely, Dinner in the Sky adheres to strict safety standards with a top-notch harness designed following German norm DIN 4112. 

The dining table is constructed in Belgium and undergoes thorough testing by TÜV Rhineland.

3. Is there a weight limit for Dinner in the Sky Dubai?

Yes, for safety reasons, participants must be at least 135 cm tall and weigh no more than 150 kg.

4. How much does Dinner in the Sky cost?

Pricing for Dinner in the Sky varies based on the chosen meal package. 

Adults aged 8-99 can expect to pay 731 AED.

5. What is the best time to do Dinner in the Sky in Dubai?

Dinner in the Sky offers various time slots, making it convenient for different preferences, whether you prefer daytime views or a dazzling Dubai evening.

6. How many people can fit in Dinner in the Sky?

Dinner in the Sky can accommodate up to 22 guests per session, ensuring an intimate and exclusive experience.

7. Is there a bathroom on Dinner in the Sky?

It’s recommended that all guests use the restroom before taking their seats.
In an emergency, the platform table can be lowered for restroom use. 

After that, you will not be able to continue the flight session.

Featured Image: Dinnerinthesky.ae

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