Dubai Atlantis Waterpark tickets

The Atlantis Waterpark is a must-visit destination in Dubai for anyone looking to have some fun in the sun and cool off in the water. 

With its thrilling rides, slides, and attractions, it’s no wonder why this waterpark is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

The Atlantis Waterpark includes the lost chambers Aquarium, Aquaventure Park, Atlantis dolphin encounter and more. 

This article discusses all you need to know about Atlantis Waterpark, including how to get there, what to expect, and how to get Dubai Atlantis Waterpark tickets.

Whether you are planning a family vacation, a solo trip, or a group outing, the Atlantis Waterpark has something for everyone.


Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai tickets

  • Entry to the Aquaventura Waterpark and beach 
  • Admission to the Tower of Poseidon 
  • Visit the Aquaconda water tunnel
  • Entry to Ziggurat attraction 
  • Waterslides and private beach access

Price: from AED 295 ($81) to AED 345 ($91) 

Best Atlantis Waterpark tickets

Dubai Aquaventura Entry ticket

Dubai Aquaventura
Entry Ticket

  • Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark admission ticket
  • Ride the rapid river
  • Experience a 27 m vertical waterfall
  • Relax on a private beach
  • Experience the Tower of Poseidon
  • Access to the private beach and kids’ play area

Price: AED 295 ($81) to AED 345 ($91) 

Lost Chambers ticket

Lost Chambers
Entry Ticket 

  • Entrance ticket to the Lost Chambers Aquarium 
  • Explore the ruins of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis
  • Walk through spectacular chambers and marine exhibits 
  • Information by marine instructors
  • Entry to Poseidon’s court

Price: AED 95 ($26) to AED 120 ($33) 

Aquaventure and Lost Chambers combo ticket

Aquaventure and Lost Chambers combo ticket

  • Same-day access to Aquaventure Waterpark
  • 30-minute check-in and changing
  • 15-minute orientation session 
  • 30 minutes in the water
  • Wetsuits and/or vests (required while in the water)
  • Bottled water and soft drinks
  • Towels and lockers

Price: AED 345 ($93) to AED 396 ($108) 

Dolphin encounter at Atlantis

Dolphin encounter
at Atlantis 

  • Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark admission ticket
  • Ride the rapid river
  • Experience a 27 m vertical waterfall
  • Relax on a private beach
  • Experience the Tower of Poseidon
  • Access to the private beach and kids’ play area

Price: AED 295 ($81) to AED 345 ($91) 

Dolphin Swim experience at Atlantis

Dolphin Swim Experience at Atlantis

  • Entrance ticket to the Lost Chambers Aquarium 
  • Explore the ruins of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis
  • Walk through spectacular chambers and marine exhibits 
  • Information by marine instructors
  • Entry to Poseidon’s court

Price: AED 95 ($26) to AED 120 ($33) 

Atlantis, Palm and Burj Al Arab speed boat tour

Atlantis, Palm and Burj Al Arab speed boat tour

  • Same-day access to Aquaventure Waterpark
  • 30-minute check-in and changing
  • 15-minute orientation session 
  • 30 minutes in the water
  • Wetsuits and/or vests (required while in the water)
  • Bottled water and soft drinks
  • Towels and lockers

Price: AED 345 ($93) to AED 396 ($108) 

All Atlantis tickets explained

There are various Atlantis tickets and visitors tend to get confused between them. 

Here is a brief description of each Atlantis Waterpark ticket to help you choose your best match. 

Aquaventure Tickets

Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai tickets include standard entry to the waterpark for a day. 

You can access all the rides, slides, wave pools and lazy rivers with this admission ticket to Aquaventura, Dubai. 

Exclusive access to the Tower of Poseidon, Aquaconda water tunnel, Ziggurat and the

Leap of Faith waterslide. 

You can relax at a private beach after a day filled with exhilarating activities, while any young ones in your group can play at the kid’s water playground.

Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets

Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets provide admission to this popular attraction.

The tickets provide you with entry to the aquarium, which features a variety of marine life, including over 65,000 marine animals.

You can experience the Aquatheatre shows, where you can watch divers feeding the marine animals while learning about them.

You can walk through the 20 marine exhibits and get a chance to experience aquatic life like never before.

Combination ticket

Combo tickets are best for when you wish to visit more than one Dubai attraction in a day. 

You can visit multiple parks in one day or even opt for Burj Khalifa and a park- endless options. 

Combinations tickets include admission to the park, Dubai Mall and your chosen attraction. 

These are a great way to save time, money and the hassle of multiple bookings.

Dolphin experience tickets

Dolphin experience is a great activity and involves getting up close to the dolphins, learning about their behavior, and sometimes even swimming with them.

Dolphin Encounter

This dolphin encounter ticket provides access to Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis the Palm. 

You navigate to Dolphin Bay and spend time with a marine specialist who will inform and educate you about these cute sea creatures.

Then, you will be allowed to interact with a dolphin in waist-deep water.

The best part about the Atlantis dolphin encounter is that it is suitable for all ages.

Dolphin swim

The Dolphin swim tickets at Atlantis give you the opportunity to swim with dolphins. 

You can also try to hug and dance along with these marvelous creatures. 

This ticket also gives access to a 30-minute dolphin performance show. 

This experience is suitable for all ages. 

Boat tour

This adrenaline-filled speedboat tour takes you around the Dubai Marina on a thrilling round trip. 

A boat tour is typically high speed and includes a view of the coastline hotels, beaches and famous Dubai landmarks like the: 

  • Dubai Marina
  • The Dubai Eye Wheel
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • The Harbour Project
  • The Huge Palm and its hotels
  • The Atlantis
  • Dubai Rulers Private Island
  • The Burj Al Arab

Which Atlantis Waterpark ticket should you choose?

You can choose from multiple Atlantis waterpark tickets, like the standard entry, combo tickets, activity tickets etc. 

Standard Tickets

Standard Dubai Atlantis Waterpark tickets are a great way to explore attractions like the Aquaventure Waterpark or the Lost Chambers Aquarium. 

Dubai Aquaventure waterpark admission ticket includes full-day access to the waterpark and its several attractions. 

Standard Lost Chambers Aquarium tickets will include direct entry and unlimited access to the aquarium’s best highlights. 

Combo Tickets

Combination tickets have two or more of Dubai’s infamous interactions clubbed on the same day.

You can save time, money and the hassles that come with multiple separate bookings. 

You can choose from various options that combine Burj Khalifa, various Atlantis parks etc. 

Opening hours

The Dubai Atlantis Waterpark, also known as Aquaventure Waterpark, typically operates from 10 am to sunset daily. 

However, note that the park’s operating hours may vary depending on the season and day of the week.

The attractions at the Aquaventure operate on all days except for seasonal holidays.

Aquaventure Waterpark 9.45 am to 6.30 pm
Lost Chambers Aquarium10 am to 9 pm
Dolphin Bay9.30 am to 6 pm

How long does it take 

Generally, most visitors spend around 4-6 hours at the waterpark to experience all of the attractions, rides, and slides.

However, if you want to explore everything the park has to offer fully, you may need a full day to enjoy all the amenities, such as the lazy river, wave pool, and aquarium. 

Notably, lines for popular attractions may be longer during peak times, impacting your time at the park.

What is the best time to visit Atlantis?

The best time to visit Dubai Atlantis Waterpark depends on your preferences and the weather conditions.

Dubai experiences hot temperatures throughout the year, often exceeding 40°C in the summer months (June to September). 

This may make it uncomfortable to spend extended periods outdoors. 

Therefore, to avoid the extreme heat, visiting Atlantis Waterpark during the cooler months of the year is recommended, from November to March.

The peak tourist season in Dubai is from December to February, so you can expect the waterpark to be more crowded during this period. 

If you prefer a quieter experience, you should avoid visiting during these months.

How to get to Atlantis

Atlantis Waterpark, Dubai, is in Atlantis Hotel on Cresent Road, The Plam Jumeirah, Dubai. 

You can drive down or take the metro to get to Atlantis Waterpark.

By Car 

Set your GPS to ‘Atlantis, The Palm’ and follow the directions to reach the attractions. 

You can park at the Atlantis Aquaventure Monorail station, the nearest parking lot. 

By Metro  

By Metro
Image: Nikada from Getty Images Signature (Canva)

The Mall of the Emirates metro stop is the closest to Aquaventure. 

From the Mall of Emirates stop, it’s a 20-minute ride by taxi to Atlantis, The Palm. 

By Monorail 

A monorail station is next to Aquaventure, called the Atlantis Aquaventure stop. 

It is 3 minutes to walk to the attraction from the station. 

Things to do in Atlantis 

With its stunning architecture and exceptional amenities, Atlantis is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Dubai.

Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or solo, there is something for everyone at Atlantis.

Atlantis Aquaventure

Atlantis Aquaventure is a popular waterpark located in Atlantis, The Palm resort in Dubai. 

Here are a few things you can do in Atlantis Aquaventure:

  • Ride the numerous Water slides. 
  • Feel the ocean waves against you in the Wave pools. 
  • Relax in the Lazy River. 
  • Experience fascinating marine animal encounters.
  • Chill out at the private Beach after a day of adventure.
  • Let your kids loose at the safe Kids’ area. 

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Dolphin Bay

The  Dolphin Bay is a unique and exciting experience where you can interact with dolphins in a safe and fun environment. 

Here are some of the top things you can do at Dolphin Bay:

Swim with the Dolphins: The main attraction of Dolphin Bay is the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. 

Dolphin Encounter: If you prefer a more relaxed experience, choose the Dolphin Encounter option. 

Trainer for a Day: This program will allow you to work alongside the dolphin trainers and learn how they care for and train these amazing animals.

Photography: Capture your unforgettable memories at Dolphin Bay by taking photos with the dolphins. 

Education: Dolphin Bay offers educational programs that focus on the conservation and protection of dolphins and other marine animals.

Lost Chambers Aquarium 

The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis is an incredible place to explore and experience the wonders of the underwater world. 

Here are some things you can do while visiting the Lost Chambers

  • Explore the chambers
  • Learn about marine conservation: Interact with marine life
  • Attend a feeding
  • Take a behind-the-scenes tour 
  • Enjoy a meal at the restaurant

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Water Sports in Atlantis

Atlantis, the Palm is a luxurious resort in Dubai that offers visitors various water sports. 

Here are some of the top water sports to try while visiting Atlantis:

  • Jet Skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Kayaking 
  • Stand-up paddleboarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Flyboarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Donut Rides 

The ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre

The ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre is part of the Atlantis, The Palm resort, situated on Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island.

The ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Centre offers many services, including massage therapy, body treatments, facials, and beauty services. 

In addition to the spa services, the ShuiQi Fitness Centre features state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a yoga studio, and a personal training area. 

The facility also offers a variety of fitness classes, including yoga, Pilates, spinning, and aerobics.

Atlantis Beach

This is the main beach of the Atlantis resort, and it’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. 

The beach features crystal-clear waters, soft sand, sun loungers and umbrellas. 

Visitors can also enjoy various water sports, such as snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking.

Atlantis Dive Centre

Atlantis Dive Centre is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts who want to explore the underwater world of Atlantis. 

Here are some things you can do at the Atlantis Dive Centre:

  • Dive with certified instructors
  • Explore the underwater world of Atlantis
  • Learn about marine conservation
  • Try new diving equipment
  • Take underwater photography courses

The Dig

The Dig is an immersive aquarium that takes visitors through an ancient underwater city. 

Visitors can see various marine life, including sharks, rays, and tropical fish, as well as artifacts from the lost city of Atlantis.

You can explore the marine exhibits, scuba diving, snorkeling, the casino, or simply relax at the beach.

Atlantis FAQs

1. How much do the Atlantis Waterpark tickets cost?

The Dubai Atlantis Waterpark ticket prices depend upon the experience you choose. 

The Dubai Aquaventure Waterpark admission ticket costs  AED 345 ($91) for adults. 

Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai discount tickets for AED 295 ($81) are available for children. 

The Lost Chambers Aquarium entry fee costs AED 120 ($33) for adults, 
Children enjoy discounted lost chambers aquarium ticket prices of AED 95 ($26).
A Combination of Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai tickets and lost chamber aquarium tickets cost AED 345 ($93) to AED 396 ($108). 

The Atlantis dolphin encounter price is AED 825 ($228) and the dolphin swim costs AED 975 ($266). 

If you wish to enjoy a Dubai marina speedboat tour around Atlantis, it costs AED 113 ($24). 

2. Is it cheaper to book Atlantis Waterpark tickets online?

Visitors can enjoy discounted tickets for Atlantis Waterpark online. 

Online tickets provide age-based discounts and seasonal discounts. 

3. Do you have to pay for the waterpark at Atlantis?

Yes, all visitors need to pay for the Atlantis Waterpark tickets. 

However, children can enjoy discounted tickets. 

You can also find cheap Atlantis Waterpark tickets during seasonal offers. 

4. Is Atlantis the biggest waterpark in the World?

Atlantis is the biggest waterpark in the world by size. 

The park contains 105 thrilling rides, exhilarating pools and more. 

There is also an aquarium, dolphin pools and animal performances inside the Atlantis waterpark. 

5. What is included in the Atlantis Waterpark ticket?

Depending on the ticket type purchased, visitors enter Aquaventure water park or Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis. 

With a combination ticket, they can enter two of the must-visit attractions of Dubai City.

Some Atlantis waterpark tickets also offer the opportunity to interact with dolphins or take a speedboat tour around Atlantis. 

6. Can I visit Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark and Lost Chambers with the same ticket?

Yes. Visitors can gain access to Atlantis Aquavenure Waterpark and Lost Chambers Aquarium with the combo ticket

This ticket offers same-day entry to both attractions at discounted prices. 

7. Are tickets available for the dolphin experience in the Atlantis?

Visitors can book tickets for dolphin experiences online. 

Dolphin experience and Dolphin swim tickets are available online for purchase.

Other attractions to visit in Dubai

Dubai is home to many world marvels and offers a lot of exciting things to do. 

As we list all the must visit attractions of Dubai, take note and visit them for sure!

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa ↗

Tour the tallest building in the world and view the city from the best vantage point. Get on level 148 to enjoy city views and a luxurious restaurant and spa. 

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium↗

Dubai Aquarium, one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, is home to over 33,000 aquatic animals, including more than 140 species of sea life.

dubai desert safari

Dubai Desert Safari ↗

Dubai Desert Safari is a popular tourist activity and typically includes a thrilling ride in a 4×4 vehicle through the dunes.

Sky view observatory

Sky view observatory ↗

The latest observatory deck in Dubai. Enjoy panoramic vistas of Dubai from Burj Khalifa to Palm Islands from here.

Palm Jumeirah ↗

The Atlantis↗

Atlantis is the best water park in Dubai. Featuring Aquaventure and Lost Chambers Aquarium, it is must visit location.   

The Atlantis

Palm Jumeirah ↗

The Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island in Dubai, is shaped like a palm tree and is home to luxurious resorts, hotels, and residential properties.

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