Dubai Frame tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect and more

At the heart of this bustling Dubai city lies the Dubai Frame, an iconic structure that offers a unique perspective on the city’s past, present, and future. 

This awe-inspiring landmark, known as the “Frame of Dubai,” encapsulates the city’s rapid evolution from a modest fishing village to a global powerhouse. 

Visitors venture inside this monumental frame and embark on a captivating journey through time.

You can gain insights into Dubai’s rich heritage, panoramic views of its dynamic skyline, and a glimpse into its visionary future. 

This article shares all the information about Dubai Frame tickets, prices, hours, views and more. 

Quick Look

Visiting Hours: 9 am to 9 pm

Height: 150.24 m (493 ft)

Time needed: 1 Hour

Best time: Sunset

Ticket cost: Starting from AED 53($14)


Zabeel Park Jogging Track, Za’abeel Al Kifaf, Dubai. Get Directions.

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Where to buy Dubai Frame tickets

You can get Dubai Frame tickets either at the venue or online. 

Many seasoned tourists opt for online tickets due to their benefits. 

Buying Dubai Frame tickets online allows you to bypass lengthy queues at ticket counters, which can take one to two hours during peak tourist season. 

Also, Dubai Frame offers only 200 entries per hour, meaning the tickets are limited and will be sold out soon. 

So securing online tickets in advance assures you entry when you choose. 

Online tickets also offer discounts and are cheaper than tickets at the venue. 

You will also find a lot of varieties online and the most popular tickets are often not available offline. 

Online Dubai Frame ticket purchase is hassle-free, saving you from queues and paying higher prices on the spot.

Online tickets allow you to choose your preferred day and time for visiting the Dubai Frame, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience. 

Buying your Dubai Frame tickets online protects you from any last-minute disappointments. 

Dubai Frame entry ticket

The Dubai Frame entry ticket offers access to all the museums and observatory decks of the attraction. 

This ticket offers skip-the-line access, providing you with priority entry during the time slot.

On the day of your visit, you can present the ticket from your phone and enjoy an uninterrupted visit. 

The ticket offers an easy refund process and free entry for children below three years old. 

Dubai Frame ticket price

The Dubai Frame ticket costs AED 50 ($14) for visitors over 13 years and AED 30 ($8) for children between 3 to 12 years. 

Infants below three years enjoy free entry. 

Adult ticket (13+ years)AED 53 ($14)
Child ticket (3-12 years)AED 30 ($8)

Dubai Frame and Burj Khalifa combination tour. 

Dubai Frame and Burj Khalifa combination tour
Photo by ZQ Lee on Unsplash

Since Dubai Frame only takes an hour to two hours to visit, many tourists plan to explore other nearby attractions. 

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and Dubai’s top attraction, is located 7 km from Dubai Frame. 

Most visitors to Dubai Frame also visit Burj Khalifa on the same day. 

If you also plan to spend visiting Dubai Frame and Burj Khalifa, then the combination ticket is your perfect match. 

Combination tickets offer the opportunity to visit two attractions at a discounted price. 

When you buy combo tickets, you can save up to 10% on individual entry tickets. 

This ticket includes: 

  • Entry to Dubai Frame
  • Access to all Dubai Frame exhibitions
  • Entry to Dubai Frame top observation deck
  • Access to levels 124 and 125 of Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Frame combo ticket price

The combo costs AED 222 ($60) for adults over 12 years and AED 164 ($45) for kids above 3 years. 

Children below 3 years enjoy free entry. 

AgeTicket price
Adult ticket (12+ years)AED 222 ($60)
Child ticket (3 to 11 years)AED 164 ($45)
Infant ticket (0 to 3 years)Free

Dubai Frame Opening Time

The Dubai Frame is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day. 

The last entry to the Dubai frame is one hour before closing time. 

The opening hours of Dubai Frame vary during Ramadan and other festive occasions. 

It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to explore Dubai Frame. 

The best time to visit the Dubai Frame

The best time to visit Dubai Frame is the sunset hours. 

You can enjoy the sun’s golden rays beautifully reflecting off the glass frame with intricate gold designs, creating a truly phenomenal sight against the urban backdrop. 

Since they allow only 200 visitors per hour, the sunset hour tickets get sold out soon. Hence, plan in advance and secure your entry. 

Another best time to visit Dubai Frame is during the night. 

After dusk, Dubai lights up in sparkling glory, offering an equally breathtaking view. 

While the night view may not be as sharp as during the day, it’s still a worthwhile experience.

Moreover, you can enjoy the attraction without crowds after sunset. 

November to March are the best months to visit Dubai Frame as the weather is pleasant and views are clear. 

However, this is also the peak tourist season, meaning it could crowded. 

How to Reach Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is located at Zabeel Park, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai. 

Address: Zabeel Park Jogging Track, Za’abeel Al Kifaf, Dubai. Get Directions.

Visitors have several transportation options to reach this iconic attraction:

By Metro

The nearest metro station is the Al Jafiliya Metro Station. 

To reach Dubai Frame, you can opt for the Red Line and alight at Al Jafiliya Metro Station. 

From there, it’s a straightforward walk towards Gate 4, StarGate, within Zabeel Park.

By Bus

There are 3 bus stations near Dubai Frame – Al Karama, Karama Commercial Center and the Department of Health. 

Bus lines X25, C3, C5, 33, 44, 83, 10, C15, 21, C26 and 27 connect to the bus stations. 

Here is the list of bus lines, bus stops and their distance from Dubai Frame

Bus NumberBus StopWalking distance from Dubai Frame
X25 and C3Al Karama4 minute
C5, 33, 44 and 83,Karama Commercial Center8 minute
10, C15, 21, C26 and 27Department of Health11 minute

By Car

If you plan to drive to Dubai Frame, search for “Zabeel Park Gate One” on your GPS. 

This will guide you to the public parking area near Zabeel Park. 

Once you’ve parked at Gate 4, also called StarGate, Dubai Frame is just a short stroll from there. 

What to Expect at Dubai Frame

When visiting the Dubai Frame, you can look forward to an engaging and immersive experience that unfolds in several stages:

Stage 1: Journey Through Time

Your adventure kicks off at the mezzanine-level museum and gallery. 

Here, you’ll explore Dubai’s remarkable transformation from its humble beginnings as a fishing village to its current status as a global city. 

This journey is brought to life through a captivating blend of special effects and multimedia exhibits. 

Prepare to be visually and emotionally engaged as mist effects, scents, projections, and motion transport you back in time, evoking memories of the ocean and more.

Stage 2: Sky Deck Panorama

Next, you’ll ascend to the Sky Deck level, where you’ll be treated to uninterrupted views of both old and new Dubai from a single frame. 

For the adventurous, there’s the opportunity to walk along a transparent glass bridge that immerses you in its surroundings. 

Augmented reality-activated screens enhance your experience, adding depth to the vistas before you.

Stage 3: Time Travel Through Vortex Tunnel

Prepare for a unique experience as you enter an elevator and pass through a vortex tunnel enhanced with unique lights and sound effects. 

In this stage, you’re not just changing floors but embarking on a journey through time, catapulting you 50 years into Dubai’s future. 

You’ll enter a virtual metropolis at the “Future of Dubai” level. 

Cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality technologies come into play. It projects Dubai’s future evolution, showcasing new projects and even offering glimpses of future travel possibilities.

Stage 4: Topmost Floor Adventure

Your journey culminates on the topmost floor of the Dubai Frame. 

Here, you’ll find yourself standing on a glass walkway that provides extraordinary views of old and modern Dubai, including a unique perspective below your feet through the glass floor. 

If you need a break to absorb the experience, there’s a café on the glass walkway where you can savor a cup of coffee and a delicious cake. 

A souvenir shop awaits, allowing you to take home a memento to cherish this thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What to do inside the Dubai Frame

Step inside the Dubai Frame for an immersive experience. 

Begin on the mezzanine floor in the “Old Dubai Gallery,” where multimedia exhibitions trace the city’s transformation. 

Proceed to the Sky Deck for panoramic views and a glass bridge with augmented reality screens. 

Enter a vortex tunnel for a futuristic journey. 

The top floor offers stunning vistas, a café, and a souvenir shop. 

Explore Dubai’s past, present, and future in this captivating space.

Here’s what visitors can do inside the Dubai Frame:

Visit the Museum

Begin your journey on the Mezzanine floor, where you’ll step into the ‘Old Dubai Gallery.’ 

You’ll delve into the city’s history through multimedia exhibitions, witnessing its transformation from a fishing village to a modern metropolis. 

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of ‘Old Dubai’ for a multi-sensory experience before moving on.

Present Dubai

Enjoy uninterrupted panoramic city views as you ascend toward the Sky deck on the glass bridge connecting the two towers. 

To the north, you’ll see ‘Old Dubai,’ while ‘New Dubai’ lies to the south. 

The augmented reality and activated screens provide insights into the city’s development.

It showcases skyscrapers, landmarks, and aspects of present Dubai, including its architecture, economy, and infrastructure in a three-dimensional setting.

Future of Dubai

Conclude your journey with a visit to the ‘Future Dubai Gallery.’ 

Descend through the Vortex tunnel on the mezzanine level to explore what the city holds for the next five decades. 

Audio-visual exhibits and interactive displays offer glimpses of Dubai’s future, creating a futuristic illusion of the city in 2050. 

Enjoy a spectacular depiction of the future enhanced by visual and auditory effects.

Walk Across the Glass Bridge

The elevator ride to the skywalk takes just 75 seconds, offering breathtaking views through the glass panels. 

The state-of-the-art glass bridge is located 150 meters above the ground and provides scintillating and picturesque city views. 

Walk along the bridge to capture spectacular photos or glance down through the glass floor for an exhilarating sense of height.

Take a Selfie

Aside from savoring panoramic views, visitors can take fun selfies against the backdrop of the modern city and its impressive architecture. 

Capture unique and memorable pictures for social media or personal keepsakes. 

Get creative with your selfies, whether with the world’s largest picture frame in the background or the sprawling cityscape of Dubai.

Enjoy a Delicious Meal

Start your day with a memorable breakfast at the top of Dubai Frame between 6 am and 8 am, offering fresh coffee and decadent pastries. 

You can also explore nearby restaurants like Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant, Pind Da Dhaba, Zou Zou Restaurant, Baku Cafe, etc. 

Enjoy a delicious meal with a view, making your visit even more special.

Views From Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame’s top deck is its crowning jewel, offering a 360-degree view of Dubai’s ever-evolving skyline. 

Upon ascending to the top deck via a high-speed elevator, visitors are greeted by a breathtaking panorama that stretches from the Arabian Gulf to the rugged mountains.

To the north, you can see the historic districts of Deira and Bur Dubai, where narrow winding lanes contrast with the gleaming skyscrapers.

This provides a vivid illustration of Dubai’s dramatic evolution. 

The Dubai Creek, a vital artery of the city’s early trade history, snakes its way through the landscape, reminding visitors of its humble beginnings.

In stark contrast, to the south lies the iconic Dubai skyline, adorned with futuristic skyscrapers that pierce the heavens. 

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, stands like a beacon of modernity, while the Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah islands glisten in the sun. 

The vibrant cityscape stretches endlessly, illustrating Dubai’s ambition and limitless growth potential.

The glass floor of the Dubai Frame’s top deck adds an extra layer of thrill and wonder to the experience. 

Visitors can literally walk on air as they look down through the transparent floor, hundreds of meters above the ground, offering a unique perspective on the bustling city.

Visiting the Dubai Frame’s top deck is more than just admiring a beautiful view; it’s also an opportunity to ponder the city’s future. 

Restaurants near Dubai Frame

Visitors to the Dubai Frame have a range of dining choices to explore and savor. 

Whether you’re looking for authentic local flavors, international cuisine, or a quick snack, there’s something to suit every palate. 

The restaurants offer diverse menus, ensuring every guest can find a satisfying meal. 

Here are some of our favorite restaurants near Dubai Frame:


Chuan is a classic Chinese restaurant that skillfully blends Chinese cuisine with Arabian seafood delights. 

Its ambiance is both comforting and offers a fantastic view of the sea. 

Diners can expect recipes with a homely, familiar quality, creating a delightful dining experience.

  • Address: 46 Al Dhiyafah Rd, shop 1- 2 3rd St, Dubai. Get Directions.
  • Timings: 10 am to 2 am

Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant

Zam Zam Mandi Restaurant is your go-to destination for savoring authentic local delicacies in a traditional mandi setting. 

The restaurant prides itself on serving delectable dishes catering to people of all ages. 

Moreover, they are dedicated to offering halal recipes, ensuring a wide range of diners can relish their meals.

  • Address: Al Fahad Building, Sheikh Rashid Rd, near LULU Hypermarket, Al Karama, Dubai. Get Directions
  • Timings: 10 am to 12.30 am

Pind Da Dhaba

Pind Da Dhaba specializes in serving traditional Punjabi highway cuisine. 

Their menu boasts many options, including mouthwatering choices for vegetarians and vegans. 

Among the standout dishes are the irresistible Pav Bhaji and the refreshing Mango Lassi.

Address: Opposite Dubai Frame, Sheikh Rashid Road, Al Karama, Dubai. Get Directions

Timings: 11.30 am to 11.30 pm


Manvaar is a versatile multi-cuisine restaurant that tantalizes taste buds with diverse dishes ranging from Indian to Arabian flavors. 

The restaurant’s ambiance is reminiscent of a regal Indian palace, providing a sense of opulence and grandeur. 

Renowned for both its excellent food and top-notch hospitality, Manvaar offers a dining experience fit for royalty.

  • Address: 20 B St,318Rd, Al Karama, Near Karama Fish Market. Get Directions
  • Timing: 11.30 am to 3 pm, 7 pm to 11.30 pm

Attractions near Dubai Frame

While near the Dubai Frame, visitors can plan their day to explore other nearby attractions. 

Here are the top 4 attractions in the area:

Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is an annual winter exhibition held in Zabeel Park. 

It features captivating exhibitions created by artists, engineers, and technicians worldwide. 

The attractions are illuminated by 10 million energy-saving bulbs and adorned with miles of recycled luminous fabric. 

Visitors can marvel at over 100 animatronic dinosaurs and explore the ‘largest Ice Sculpture Park,’ crafted with 5000 tons of ice.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Visitors can enjoy an interactive experience with dolphins and other sea creatures at Dubai Dolphinarium. 

The 45-minute show is a dynamic display of the dolphins’ skills, accompanied by juggling, singing, and dancing. 

Guests can get up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and other fascinating wildlife.

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa
Photo by David Rodrigo on Unsplash

A visit to the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, is a must-visit while in Dubai. 

Tourists and locals flock to this iconic attraction for its breathtaking views from the sky deck. 

Additionally, visitors can dine at At.mosphere, the world’s highest-seated restaurant, offering a truly memorable experience.

Dubai Fountain

The dazzling Dubai Fountain and its mesmerizing light show are a must-see spectacle in Dubai. 

The fountain’s display incorporates over 6,000 Superlights and more than 25 color projectors to create captivating patterns and colors in the water. 

The lights are synchronized to music, delivering an awe-inspiring performance. 

With over 1.5 million lumens of light produced, visitors are treated to a breathtaking full-spectrum light show.

Tips before visiting Dubai Frame

Here are some important guidelines for visitors to the Dubai Frame:

Buy Tickets in Advance

Purchasing tickets ahead of time is advisable to avoid long lines and ensure entry. 

Don’t forget to bring your ticket or confirmation details for a smooth entry.

Early Arrival

Dubai Frame allows only 200 visitors per hour. 

If you haven’t purchased the entry ticket, arrive an hour early. 

Visitors with Dubai Frame online tickets should arrive 15 minutes before their pre-booked time slot. 

iVenture Dubai Pass

iVenture Dubai Pass allows you to explore multiple attractions of a city at a discounted price. 

You can visit Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Museum of Future, Dubai Aquarium and other major attractions with this pass. 

If you have an iVenture Dubai Unlimited Attractions Pass or iVenture Dubai Select Pass, you can book a time slot for your Dubai Frame visit and proceed directly.

Dress Modestly

Dubai follows a conservative dress code, so dress modestly and respect local customs. Avoid revealing clothing and choose attire suitable for a family-friendly environment.

Cooperate with Security

Follow instructions from security personnel to ensure everyone’s safety during your visit.

Photography Rules

While photography is generally allowed, be aware of any restrictions in specific areas or exhibits. 

Follow provided guidelines and be considerate of fellow visitors when taking photos.

Respectful Behavior

Maintain respectful behavior throughout your visit. 

Be mindful of cultural sensitivities, avoid littering, and carefully handle the Dubai Frame and its surroundings.


English is widely spoken in Dubai, but learning a few basic Arabic phrases or using a translation app to facilitate communication can be helpful.

Weather Preparedness

Dubai can have hot and humid weather, especially in summer. 

Stay hydrated, apply sunscreen, and dress appropriately for the conditions.

Luggage and Large Bags

Large bags and luggage are prohibited inside the Dubai Frame. 

Visitors must use provided lockers to store these items during their visit.


Strollers are also not allowed inside the Dubai Frame. 

Parents with children should deposit strollers at the entrance and carry their children during the visit to avoid potential damage to the glass structure.

Dubai Frame – FAQs

1. Where is the Dubai Frame situated?

The Dubai Frame is at Zabeel Park, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2. What is special about Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame symbolizes the city’s transformation and provides panoramic views of “Old Dubai” and “New Dubai.”

It offers impressive architectural design and immersive exhibits.

3. Can you go inside the Dubai Frame?

Visitors can explore the Dubai Frame’s interior, which houses informative galleries, a glass bridge, and breathtaking viewpoints.

4. Is the Dubai Frame worth visiting?

Absolutely, the Dubai Frame offers a captivating journey through time, showcasing the city’s past, present, and future. 

It’s a must-visit for those seeking a deeper understanding of Dubai’s rich heritage and ambitious future.

5. How much is the entrance in Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame entry ticket costs AED 53 ($14) for adults and AED 30 ($8) for children. 

6. What is the best time to visit Dubai Frame?

The best times to visit are during sunset to witness the city’s golden glow or at night when Dubai’s illuminated skyline comes to life.

7. Is the Dubai Frame made of gold?

The Dubai Frame is not made of gold. 

It features a gold-colored exterior design that adds to its aesthetic appeal.

8. How high is the Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame stands at a height of 150 meters, providing visitors with stunning views from its elevated position.

9. How much do Dubai Frame tickets cost?

Ticket prices for the Dubai Frame may vary based on age and other factors. 

It’s advisable to check the official website or contact the attraction for the most up-to-date pricing information.

10. Is the Dubai Frame free to visit?

The Dubai Frame is not typically a free attraction. 

Visitors must purchase admission tickets, with varying prices for adults and children and potential discounts for seniors or special promotions.

Other attractions to visit in Dubai

Dubai is home to many world marvels and offers a lot of exciting things to do. 

As we list all the attractions near the skyscraper, take note and visit them for sure. 

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa ↗

The tallest building in the world is located in downtown Dubai, not very far from the Museum of Future.

Palm Jumeirah ↗

Atlantis ↗

 A popular destination on the island, offering a range of water-based activities and attractions.

The Atlantis

View at the Palm↗

The only observatory deck on Palm Island. View at the Palm located on the Palm Towers offers the best views of the Island.

dubai desert safari

Dubai Desert Safari ↗

Dubai Desert Safari is a popular tourist activity and typically includes a thrilling ride in a 4×4 vehicle through the dunes.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium ↗

Dubai Aquarium, one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, is home to over 33,000 aquatic animals, including more than 140 species of sea life.

Featured Image: Collab Media’s Images (Canva) 

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