Everything About Ferrari World Go-Karting

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is home to some of the world’s fastest and most exciting go-karting tracks. 

Located inside the iconic Ferrari theme park, this offers thrill-seekers and racing fans the chance to get behind the wheel and put their driving skills to the test. 

With advanced electric go-karts capable of speeds up to 40 mph, the tracks provide an authentic racing feel and adrenaline rush.

The state-of-the-art facility features three unique tracks that wind through the indoor park. 

The longest track, at nearly 951 feet (290 meters), has fast straightaways and challenging hairpin turns that snake through famous Italian landmarks. 

Another track simulates driving through the streets of Italy’s capital, Rome, while the third recreates a traditional Formula One circuit. 

Safety remains a top priority, with smooth asphalt surfaces and barriers lining the tracks.

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just looking for an exciting new experience, Ferrari World Go Karting can’t be missed. 

As the largest space frame structure ever built, the dazzling building itself is a sight. 

And inside, the roar of electric go-kart motors and a chance to emulate your Formula One heroes await. 

With unbeatable speed thrills in the heart of Ferrari World, this go-karting experience is far from ordinary.

The Ferrari World Go-Karting tickets cost 345 AED ($94) for individuals above the age of 4.

Children under four can enter for free.

Restrictions For Go Karting at Ferrari World

There are no age restrictions at the Go Karting Academy in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Children must be accompanied by their parents.

But the height requirements are strict.

Every participant must have a height between 1.5 and 2.1 meters for safety reasons.

In terms of age, participants must be under 120 kg.

What to expect while karting at Ferrari World

When you visit the Karting Academy at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, prepare for a premier electric go-karting experience on the region’s first track.

It spans an exciting 290 meters in length with competitive-timed racing events. 

Arrive early to sign up as lines get long later in the day. 

All participants must meet strict height requirements between 1.5 and 2.1 meters for safety.

They must attend a mandatory briefing explaining track rules while gearing up with provided helmets, seatbelts, and protection. 

Feel like a professional racer sliding behind the wheel of sleek, responsive karts resembling real F1 cars with a realistic racing feel. 

Put your skills to the test solo against the clock, aiming for the best time or side-by-side with fellow contenders striving for the fastest laps. 

Capture the racing thrill dressed for success with track photographers on site to snap photos of the action. 

Between special junior karts for kids and adult two-seater versions to ride along, options exist for all ages, inviting everyone to hone their racing talents at the region’s premier facility.

Tips For A Memorable Go karting experience

Tips For go karting
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Here are some tips for a memorable experience at Go Karting, Ferrari World:

#1 Prioritize Safety

All drivers must attend a mandatory briefing and wear helmets, seatbelts, and other protection to ensure a secure experience.

#2 Choose from Various Tracks

Test skills on the beginner Junior GT, intermediate Advanced circuit, or expert course, depending on your ability.

#3 Feel Like a Pro Racer

The go-karts replicate real Ferraris in look and responsive handling for an authentic racing adventure.

#4 Enjoy Friendly Competition

Time yourself in races against other participants – see who clocks the fastest lap!

#5 Suitability for All Ages

With special junior tracks to rides alongside parents, the park welcomes all ages to drive. However, younger kids need an adult.

#6 Appreciate Exclusivity

Become a Scuderia driver at the unique Abu Dhabi attraction unmatched in most theme parks.

# 7 Ideal for Groups or Alone

Go head-to-head with friends for team-building excitement or meet new fans if exploring solo.

#8 Explore More Attractions

After thrilling go-karts, enjoy roller coasters, shows, museums, and more to appreciate the Ferrari story.

FAQs About Ferrari World Go Karting

1. Is there karting in Ferrari World?

Yes, Ferrari World offers an exciting electric go-karting track called the Karting Academy, spanning 290 meters in length. 

It’s the first of its kind in the region.

2. How much does a Ferrari World ticket cost?

Ferrari World tickets cost 345 AED for individuals above four years of age.

Children under four can enter for free.

3. Are rides free in Ferrari World?

No, you must purchase a ticket to access rides and attractions at Ferrari World. 

Prices vary based on which rides and the ages you choose them for.

4. Is Ferrari World worth visiting?

Yes, with world record-breaking rides, interactive attractions, simulators, live shows, and more, Ferrari World offers unique entertainment for all ages related to the iconic Italian racing brand.

5. How many hours is Ferrari World enough?

Most visitors spend 6-8 hours at Ferrari World to fully experience major rides, attractions, dining, and entertainment options. 

However, 3-4 hours allows you to see the highlights.

6. What is the fastest ride in the Ferrari World?

Formula Rossa is the fastest ride, reaching 240 km/hr. This is also the fastest roller coaster in the world.

It mimics an F1 car, using advanced aerodynamics and technology for an authentic racing feel.

Featured Image: Ferrariworldabudhabi.com

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