Ferrari World tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect and more

The Ferrari World, located in the heart of Yas Island, is the world’s largest indoor theme park and the very first one branded with Ferrari. 

This park spans over 275,000 square feet (25,600 square meters) and attracts millions of visitors annually.

This extraordinary structure, which cost $2.5 billion to build, is the tallest space-framed building on the planet. 

Inside, you will discover over 40 super exciting attractions with broken records.

You will also find hotels, restaurants, and cafes that celebrate luxurious Italian supercars. 

This article is the best place known all about Ferrari World tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect, etc!

Quick Look

Hours: 12 pm to 8 pm

Last Entry: 7 pm

Time needed: 4 to 5 hours

Best time: 12 pm

Ticket cost: AED 316 ($86)

Must Try: Formula Rossa, the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster


Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Get Directions

What to Expect at the Ferrari World

There is a popular saying, “Everyone is a Ferrari fan, ” which is 100% true. 

At Ferrari World, you experience speed, excitement and thrill at the world’s largest indoor theme park.

If you are planning a visit, it is understandable that you might be wondering what to expect at the venue. Is it too expensive? When is it most crowded? 

This section will elaborate on what you can expect at the theme park with Ferrari World tickets in hand.

Ferrari World is a Ferrari-branded theme park, and you will find everything- from rollercoasters to family-friendly attractions.

Welcome Plaza- The first pit stop

Upon entering the Ferrari World theme park, you enter the spacious, well-decorated Welcome Plaza. 

This spacious, unobstructed zone features a prominent prancing horse sculpture at its heart. 

You will find the ticket booth positioned to the right of the plaza, while the left side is home to various shops and dining establishments.

Next, Off to the Racing Zone!

After showing your e-ticket at the entrance and moving ahead, you enter the realm of motor racing- the F1 Zone. 

Within the F1 Zone, you will find the renowned Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster globally, achieving 240 km/h speeds within 4.9 seconds. 

Not too comfortable with speed? Don’t worry, there is something for everyone!

For those seeking a milder experience, the Racing Zone offers a variety of alternative rides, such as G-Force, Scuderia Challenge, and Fiorano GT Challenge.

Italian Zone: Where Ferrari Came From

After a thrilling experience at the Racing Zone, head to the Italian Zone.

In the Italian Zone, you will find attractions such as the Flying Aces, Earth’s highest rollercoaster loop, and the Bell’Italia, an immersive journey through replicated Italian landmarks you can drive through.

On January 12, 2023, Ferrari World introduced a new ride called Mission Ferrari to their collection. 

This 5D roller coaster features an unprecedented sideways drop, marking a world-first in coaster design.

The Zip Line Experience

Not satisfied with the thrill yet? Then, you need to do the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Zip Line.

Starting at the park’s center, this zip line will take you through the loop of the Flying Aces roller coaster, covering a distance of 400 meters (1,300 feet).

Whew, what an experience!

Walk on the Ferrari World Rooftop

After a whole morning at the Ferrari World, you can either keep going or rest! 

In the later part of the afternoon, proceed to the Ferrari World Roof. 

Here, you can stroll atop the expansive 2.2 million-square-foot area, approximately 517 feet above the ground.

Watch over the entirety of Yas Island from your spot on the roof of Ferrari World!

The zip line and roof walk were introduced to the array of experiences for Ferrari World’s 10th-anniversary festivities. 

The Family Zone: A Place for Your Kids

Not all of you might be speed junkies, especially for kids or family members! 

There are rides like the Junior Grand Prix, a mini version of Formula Rossa called Formula Rossa Junior, and Turbo Track, a zero-gravity fall.

The Adventure Zone: Last Stop

Your last destination in Ferrari World is the Adventure Zone.

Participate in the Adventure Zone’s Scuderia Challenge, and you will experience what it is to train like a Ferrari F1 driver.

We have covered a lot of ground inside the Ferrari World, but there’s still much more to see and do. 

So take your time, explore at your own pace, and enjoy the experience fully. 

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Where to buy Ferrari World tickets

You can buy your Ferrari World tickets online or at the ticket booth at the entrance. 

We recommend you purchase your tickets online before you visit to ensure a seamless experience. 

You may have to face the long lines at the ticket counter, which might take up to 45 minutes to 2 hours during the holiday season. 

So, why suffer in long lines when you can enter like a boss with your pre-booked e-tickets?

Another advantage of booking tickets is that you will 100% have a spot on your chosen date. 

Booking an online ticket saves up to AED 30 ($8). 

How do Ferrari World tickets work online?

You can book your online Ferrari World tickets on the ticket booking page. 

After entering your details, select your required dates and the time slot! 

Then, all that remains is to enter your banking details and confirm your tickets. 

Once your payment is through, you will receive an email with the confirmed tickets.

When you get to Ferrari World, all you need to do is show your Ferrari World tickets at that gate and enjoy your visit. 

Enjoy unlimited access to Ferrari World and its 44 rides for the day after your entry. 

Ferrari World ticket prices

Yas Island has 4 theme parks – Ferrari World, SeaWorld, Water World and Warner Bros. 

The Ferrari World entry ticket costs AED 345 ($94) per person above the age of four. 

Children under the age of three enjoy entry free of cost.  

If you wish to explore 2 parks in Yas Island, the ticket costs AED 475 ($129).

Similarly, a ticket to 3 parks costs AED 575 ($156) and 4 parks costs AED 675 ($184).

The multi-park tickets cost less than individual tickets to all the parks. 

There are a couple of Ferrari World combination tickets you can check out that give you great worth for your money. 

For example, the 10-hour Abu Dhabi City Tour and Ferrari World combo is priced at AED 823 ($224) per person above the age of 11. 

Children between the ages of 4 and 10 pay a discounted rate of AED 437 ($119). Kids below the age of three travel for free. 

Here is an overview of the Ferrari World ticket prices: 

Types of TicketsPriceTicket link
Ferrari World Entry ticketAED 345 ($94)Buy This Ticket
Yas Island 2 Park TicketsAED 475 ($129)Buy This Ticket
Yas Island 3 Park ticketsAED 575 ($156)Buy This Ticket
Yas Island 4 park ticketsAED 675 ($184) Buy This Ticket 
Abu Dhabi City Tour + Ferrari WorldAED 823 ($224)Buy This Ticket

Types of Ferrari World tickets

Yas Island holds four theme parks – Ferrari World, Water World, Warner Bros and SeaWorld. 

There are tickets from 1 to 4 theme parks. 

Here is a brief description of the types of tickets available. 

Ferrari World entry ticket

The general admission ticket to Ferrari World is the best and the cheapest ticket. 

With this Ferrari World ticket, you get unlimited access to the park, rides, attractions and live shows. 

You can spend your entire day exploring the Ferrari World and its 44 rides. 

The Karting Academy and Scuderia Challenge are not included in this ticket. 

With this ticket, you are allowed entry into the Ferrari World once on your selected date. You can cancel this ticket up to 24 hours before your selected date.

Ferrari World ticket prices:

Visitors’ AgeCost
Adult ticket (4+ years)AED 345 ($94)
Child ticket (up to 3 years)Free Entry

Yas Island Multi-park tickets

With the multi-park tickets, you can choose the number of parks you want to visit and the validity period of the pass. 

You can visit any of the four parks – Ferrari World, Warner Bros, SeaWorld and WaterWorld.

With the multi-park ticket, you only pay AED 100 extra for each park instead of AED 345 on individual tickets. 

In addition, free shuttles to move from one park to another are available on the ticket. 

Ticket Prices:

Number of Parks PriceTicket
Yas Island 2 Park TicketsAED 475 ($129)Buy This Ticket
Yas Island 3 Park ticketsAED 575 ($156)Buy This Ticket
Yas Island 4 park ticketsAED 675 ($184) Buy This Ticket 

Ferrari World Combo tickets

You can tour the Yas Island for longer with combo tickets. Ferrari World combo tickets are especially popular amongst tourists.

With Ferrari World combo tickets, you gain skip-the-line admission to the theme park and access to other chosen attractions.

That’s not all; you end up saving quite a lot of money when booking combo tickets- almost 20%.

Abu Dhabi Sightseeing + Ferrari World

This is a 10-hour-long Abu Dhabu day tour. This tour starts with a guided visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. 

You will also visit the Emirates Palace, the Heritage Village, the Al Corniche and the Abu Dhabi Marina. 

With this combo ticket, you will find fast-track access to Ferrari World and all its rides! 

This tour comes with hotel pick-up and drop-off options!

Ticket Prices:

Visitors’ AgePrice
Adult ticket (11+ years)AED 823 ($224)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)AED 437 ($199)
Infant ticketFree Entry

Ferrari World Hours

Ferrari World is open all days of the week from 12 pm to 8 pm. 

The last entry to Ferrari World is one hour before closing, i.e. 7 pm.

The Ferrari World opening hours may change depending on the weather conditions and special events like religious festivals. 

Do check the official website or the Instagram handle of Ferrari World to find out the most up-to-date information!

Best Time to Visit the Ferrari World

The best time to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is in the morning when the park opens. 

This is usually when the crowd is thinner, and you can enjoy the attractions with shorter lines. 

Arriving early also allows you to experience popular rides without the intense heat that comes later in the day, especially during the summer months.

Weekdays, specifically from Tuesday to Thursday, are generally the best times to visit Ferrari World. It is a more relaxed experience. 

Most people visit theme parks on weekends (Friday and Saturday in many Middle Eastern countries), leading to higher crowds. 

The ideal months to visit Ferrari World are between November and February- during the cooler season in Abu Dhabi. 

Avoid the scorching heat of the summer months (June to August) when temperatures can be extremely high, making it less enjoyable to be outdoors. 

Also, consider the Ramadan period. It might also impact your visit due to shorter operating hours and altered schedules.

How long does it take

It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to tour the Ferrari World. But the time may vary depending on your preferences and interests. 

You may end up spending anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes at the Welcome Area, in its stores and shops. 

The F1 Zone may take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on whether or not you do the Formula Rossa! 

Next, at the Italian Zone, you might spend another 45 mins to 1 hour.  And the Zip Line and the roof walk may take another 45 minutes! 

If you want to take your time and see everything Yas Island offers, you could easily spend 5 to 6 hours or more.

If you wish to explore Abu Dhabi, The 10-hour Ferrari World Tour from Dubai would be a good option.

So, you must allocate an extra couple of hours while visiting because, as they say, ‘Everybody is a Ferrari fan!’

How to Reach the Ferrari World

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located in the heart of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

Address: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Get Directions.

Yas Island has a lot of attractions, attracting millions of tourists annually.

Yas Island is very well connected in terms of public transport, so movement on the island is quite easy. 

You can use the bus or a car to reach Ferrari World. Read more on how to reach Ferrari World!

By Bus

You can use the free shuttle service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, provided you have an e-ticket for an attraction on Yas Island.

You can board the free shuttle bus from the Deira city center. These shuttle buses drop you off right in front of the Ferrari World!

By Car

The fastest way to get to Ferrari World is to take a taxi or drive!

It will take around 30 minutes to get to Yas Island from Abu Dhabi using the E10 or E11 highway. 

It will take you an hour to drive down from Dubai!

Ferrari World ticket FAQs

1. How much does a Ferrari World ticket cost?

The 1-day Ferrari World General Admission ticket is AED 345 ($94) for visitors over four.

Children under three can enter for free and don’t require a ticket.

2. Are Ferrari World Tickets cheaper online?

Yes, it is cheaper to buy your Ferrari World ticket online.

Tickets at the Ferrari World entrance can be up to AED 30 ($8), more expensive than online prices.

3. Are Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tickets Refundable?

Yes, You can cancel the ticket to Ferrari World up to 24 hours in advance and receive a full refund.

4. Do Ferrari World tickets include rides?

Yes, the Ferrari World ticket includes access to all 44 rides and attractions inside the park except Karting and Scuderia Challenge F1 simulation rides.

This includes the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa, and other thrilling rides such as Flying Aces and G-Force.

5. What’s the price of the Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World?

The price of the Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World ticket is AED 823 ($224) per person.

This 9-hour city tour takes you to Ferrari World and other locations in Abu Dhabi, including the Grand Mosque, Emirates Palace, and Heritage Village.

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