Legoland Dubai tickets – prices, what to expect and more

Legoland Dubai offers an adventure-packed experience perfect for kids and families. 

Divided into Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Water Park, it caters to various interests. 

The theme park boasts six unique lands, including Imagination, Kingdoms, and Adventure, each offering thrilling rides and attractions.

Meanwhile, the water park, constructed entirely of Lego bricks, presents an aquatic wonderland with exciting features like LEGO Slide Racers and the Joker Soaker. 

This article shares everything about Legoland Dubai tickets, prices, what to see and things to do. 


Bestseller logoland

Legoland Dubai 1-day pass

  • 1-day access to Legoland® Dubai
  • Unlimited access to all rides, shows, and attractions
  • Free parking at P1 and P2 Car Park

Ticket Price: AED 294 ($80).

Where to buy tickets for Legoland Dubai

You can buy Legoland tickets online or at the Themepark ticket counter. 

As one of the leading theme parks in the city, the tickets get sold out soon; hence, we recommend you buy Legoland Dubai tickets online.

When you buy tickets online, you can save yourself from the hassle of long lines and waiting time. 

Online tickets are cheaper than their offline counterparts and offer a range of varieties to cater to travelers. 

Hence, online tickets are safe and convenient and prevent last-minute disappointments. 

Tickets to Legoland Dubai: 1-Day Pass

Legoland 1-day pass offers a full day of fun for all members of the family. 

This ticket lets you access the six themed lands and over 15,000 Lego models. 

There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a wild ride through the King’s Castle or an expedition to recover a pharaoh’s treasure in ancient temple ruins. 

Legoland Dubai promises a day of colorful fun and excitement for the entire family, making it one of Dubai’s must-visit family theme parks.

Tour Includes

  • 1-day access to Legoland® Dubai
  • Unlimited access to all rides, shows, and attractions
  • Free parking at P1 and P2 Car Park

Ticket Price

Tickets for individuals aged three and above are priced at AED 294 ($80).

Legoland Water Park: 1-Day Pass

Legoland Water Park 1 Day Pass
Image: Legoland.com

Prepare for an aquatic adventure at Legoland Water Park Dubai, a brick-tacular world of fun for Lego enthusiasts and families seeking refreshing thrills. 

The one-day pass lets you access Legoland Water Park for a whole day and enjoy all the rides and attractions.

Challenge your friends on the Twin Chasers or tackle the giant Joker Soaker, where your imagination is the limit. 

Feel an adrenaline rush on high-speed Slide Racers or twist-and-spin slides. 

The entire family can whirl around on Red Rush, and animal lovers can meet their favorite creatures at the Duplo Splash Safari. 

Explore the Joker Soaker’s maze of slides, ladders, bridges, and water cannons, all designed for maximum watery enjoyment. 

This ticket Includes:

  • Full day at Legoland Water Park
  • Unlimited access to all rides, shows, and attractions
  • Free parking at P1 and P2 Car Park

Ticket Price:

The ticket to Legoland Water Park Dubai is available for AED 294 ($80) for all visitors over three years.

Dubai Parks and Resorts: 1-Day 2 Parks Pass

Dubai Parks and Resorts 1 Day 2 Parks Pass
Image: Legoland.com

Legoland Park and Legoland Waterpark are located in the Dubai Parks and Resorts and other theme parks. 

With the one-day two-park pass, you can enjoy Legoland Park and Legoland Waterpark in one day. 

Legoland Dubai & Legoland Water Park offer creative fun with indoor and outdoor activities, showcasing over 15,000 models crafted from 60 million LEGO bricks.

For those seeking aquatic thrills, the Legoland Water Park provides a refreshing escape from Dubai’s heat. 

You can also choose to visit one of the two Legoland Parks and Motiongate Dubai Park. 

Tour Includes

  • 1-day access to 2 parks between Motiongate Dubai, Legoland Dubai or Legoland Water Park
  • Unlimited access to all rides, shows, and attractions
  • Free parking at P1 and P2 Car Park

Ticket Prices

The ticket costs AED 356 $97 for individuals of 3 years and above.

Legoland Dubai Combination tickets

Legoland Dubai Combination tickets
Image: Legoland.com

Combo tickets are a fantastic choice for travelers looking to get the most out of their Dubai experience. 

These tickets don’t just offer access to multiple popular destinations; they guarantee an exciting and diverse itinerary. 

Whether you’re a family searching for fun, an adventure enthusiast chasing thrills, or a movie buff seeking cinematic magic, there’s a combo ticket that suits your interests. 

Booking these combo tickets online in advance is convenient and a smart way to save time and avoid any last-minute hassles. 

These combo tickets unlock the opportunity to enjoy a range of experiences in the city.

You can see Legoland, the Museum of the Future, Burj Khalifa, Motiongate, Aquaventure, the Dubai Fountain Show, IMG World, and Dubai Desert Safaris. 

Here are some of the best combo tickets with their prices:

CombinationTicket price
Legoland + Museum of Future422 AED ($115)
MotionGate + Legoland533 AED ($145)
Legoland + Dubai Fountain show345 AED ($94)
Legoland + Aquaventure580 AED ($158)
Legoland + IMG World610 AED ($166)
Legoland + Dubai Desert Safari353 AED ($96)

Legoland Dubai Opening Hours

Legoland Dubai Opening Hours
Image: Legoland.com

Legoland Dubai welcomes visitors daily with operational hours from 11 am to 7 pm. 

If you plan to explore the water park, Legoland Waterpark Dubai operates from 10 am to 7 pm. 

It’s important to note that park hours may vary. 

Double-check the timings on the day of your visit to ensure you have the most up-to-date information for planning your adventure.

Best time to visit Legoland Dubai

The best time to visit the Legoland Dubai adventure falls between September and March. 

During these months, Dubai enjoys the pleasant embrace of winter, resulting in fewer crowds and ideal weather conditions for outdoor activities.

However, don’t let the Dubai summer deter you from experiencing the magic of Legoland. 

The park is well-prepared for the heat, with multiple cooling stations and many indoor attractions to keep you comfortable.

For those considering a visit during Ramadan, a strategic approach can make it a memorable experience. 

Starting your day early and timing your attraction visits for their opening hours, particularly on weekdays, allows you to make the most of the holiday season.

Plus, you can take advantage of special discounts on tickets during Ramadan, adding value to your trip.

Remember to check the park’s timings before you go, as they vary depending on the season—summer, winter, and Ramadan. 

What to Expect at Legoland Dubai?

Once you step into Legoland Dubai, you’ll find yourself in a world divided into four captivating themed lands: ‘Imagination,’ ‘Adventure,’ ‘Kingdoms,’ and ‘Lego City.’ 

Each of these lands promises a distinct and exciting experience.

Upon entering, grab a park map to help plan your day effectively. 

Check out the show timings for attractions like ‘The Lego Movie,’ ‘Nexo Knights,’ and the ‘Ninjago Puppet Show’ to make the most of your visit.

Lego City

Lego City
Image: Legoland.com

Kickstart your adventure in Lego City, a kid-friendly land brimming with entertainment. 

Here, your little ones can enjoy activities such as the ‘Driving School,’ ‘Junior Driving School,’ ‘Boat School,’ ‘Rescue Academy,’ ‘City Airport,’ and ‘SeaPort.’


For thrilling rides, head to Kingdoms.

Here, you’ll find attractions like ‘Merlin’s Flying Machine,’ ‘Dragon’s Apprentice’ (a mini roller coaster with some thrills), and ‘Dragon’ (a full-sized roller coaster).


Imagination is tailored for nurturing creativity in young minds. 

Here, your kids can explore attractions like the ‘Master Builders Academy,’ ‘Friends and Duplo Valley’ (offering outdoor climbing games and giant building blocks), and the ‘Duplo Express train.


To maximize your adventure experience, visit when indoor and water activities are available. 

Dive into the submarine for an underwater mission alongside Lego sea life in the ‘Submarine Adventure.’ 

Enjoy ‘Lost Kingdom Adventure,’ and if you’re up for some splashing fun, try ‘Wave Racers,’ among other exciting activities.


Step into an air-conditioned wonderland at ‘Miniland,’ where you’ll discover an intricate indoor Middle Eastern cityscape. 

Marvel at models of iconic landmarks like the ‘Pyramids’ and the ‘Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.’ 

Kids can even crawl through these structures to experience their beauty up close.

How to get to Legoland Dubai

Traveling to Legoland Dubai is a breeze, whether driving or public transport. 

Here are straightforward directions to help you reach this family-friendly destination without a hitch.

By Car

From downtown Dubai, you can reach Legoland in approximately 40 minutes. 

Head south on Sheikh Zayed Road, passing Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali. 

Dubai Parks and Resorts will be on your left, making it easy to spot.

Via Public Transport

If you prefer public transport, hop on the red metro line and ride it south until you reach the last station, Jebel Ali. 

From there, a quick 15-minute taxi ride will get you to Legoland Dubai.

From Dubai International Airport

The journey to Legoland is straightforward for travelers arriving at Dubai International Airport. 

Head south on E11, also known as Sheikh Zayed Road, in the direction of Abu Dhabi. Continue straight, passing by Dubai Marina and Jebel Ali. 

You’ll find Dubai Parks and Resorts on your left. 

The trip typically takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions, but it might be closer to an hour during heavy traffic.

From Al Maktoum International Airport

If you’re flying into Al Maktoum International Airport, Legoland is just a 20-minute drive away. 

Take the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road south, then turn right towards E11. 

Take another right towards Dubai, and Dubai Parks and Resorts will immediately be on your right.

Parking at Legoland Dubai

You’ll enjoy complimentary parking benefits at the Dubai Parks and Resorts Visitor Car Park when you hold a Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park Annual Pass. 

It’s a convenient perk that comes with your pass. 

But, if you’re an exclusive member of the Dubai Parks and Resorts amazing VIP annual pass, you’ll take it up a notch with free valet parking on every visit. 

So, you can focus on the fun without worrying about parking fees.

Legoland Dubai Map

Having a Legoland Dubai map is your essential companion for a smooth visit. 

Whether you’re arriving by car or another mode of transportation, the map will be your trusty guide. 

For those traveling by car, the map can help you navigate the roads and identify the park’s location within Dubai Parks and Resorts.

But the benefits of having a map don’t end there. 

Inside the park, it’s your key to understanding the different areas within Legoland Dubai. 

The theme park is divided into six themed lands, each offering unique attractions and experiences. 

With the map, you can easily locate these areas, plan your route, and make the most of your day.

Legoland Dubai Rides and Attractions

A day at Legoland Dubai Water Park promises non-stop family fun, especially during those scorching summer months. 

This water park isn’t your typical swimming pool or splash park; it’s a thrilling adventure for all ages.

With 20 slides to choose from, there’s no shortage of excitement. 

Most slides have height restrictions, typically around 102cm or 107cm, ensuring safety while maximizing the thrill. 

Some slides allow for pairs, allowing parents to ride along with their kids, while others allow brave souls to go it alone.

The Twin Chasers and Splash & Swirl rides were immediate favorites among our young adventurers. 

They also enjoyed family rides like Red Rush, where up to eight family members can share the fun.

While some attractions like the Wave Rider or Tidal Tube are more suitable for older kids, many 5+-year-olds can still give them a try. 

On the other hand, the Lego Slide Racers and Splash Out are better suited for older kids seeking a more intense experience.

The Build-a-Raft lazy river is a family winner, offering a variety of combinations for kids to float together or collect blocks to add to their rafts. 

Some double boats even have seats for smaller tots to enjoy the fun. 

Remember that this attraction can get quite busy as the day goes on.

The Joker Soaker is the place for those seeking a cool-off thrill. 

It’s the classic bucket-filling and water-smashing experience that crowds adore. 

The water here tends to be colder, adding an extra layer of excitement. 

Smaller kids over 91 cm can enjoy the slides on the lower level independently, while the upper-level slides require a height of over 102 cm.

Legoland Dubai Shows

Legoland Dubai offers a variety of live shows and entertainment for guests of all ages. 

These shows are a great way to take a break from the rides and attractions and to enjoy some family-friendly fun.

Here are some of the most popular shows at Legoland Dubai:

  • LEGO City Stage: This show features a variety of performances, including dance routines, magic shows, and comedy skits.

    The show is performed throughout the day and is a great way to cool down and have a laugh.
  • Pirate Shores Stage: This show takes guests on a swashbuckling adventure with pirates, mermaids, and treasure.

    The show is performed several times a day and is sure to please fans of pirates and adventure.
  • LEGO Friends Live on Stage: This show features the popular LEGO Friends characters and follows them as they go on a fun-filled adventure.

    The show is performed several times a day and is perfect for fans of LEGO Friends.
  • LEGO NINJAGO 4D Movie: This 4D experience with special effects will make you feel like you’re part of the action.

    The movie follows the LEGO NINJAGO characters battling their enemies to save the world.
  • MINILAND Light Show: This show takes place every evening and transforms MINILAND into a magical wonderland with lights and music.

    The show is a great way to end your day at Legoland Dubai.

In addition to these regular shows, Legoland Dubai also offers special shows and events throughout the year. 

For example, during Halloween, Legoland Dubai hosts a Monster Party with special shows and activities for guests. 

During Christmas, Legoland Dubai hosts a Festive Bricktacular with holiday-themed shows and activities.

Restaurants near Legoland Dubai

Restaurants near Legoland Dubai
Image: Legoland.com

After a day filled with fun and excitement at Legoland Dubai, building up an appetite is only natural. 

Fortunately, plenty of restaurants and dining options are nearby to satisfy your hunger. 

These eateries offer a diverse range of culinary delights suitable for both kids and adults. 

Whether you’re craving international dishes or local flavors, you’ll find something to please your taste buds. 

Look at the following dining options to discover the perfect place to unwind and refuel after your Legoland Dubai adventure.

Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta Buffet

Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta invites you to a delectable buffet-style feast featuring mouthwatering Italian pizzas and pasta dishes. 

Complement your meal with a variety of fresh salads from the Salad Bar. 

Did we mention it’s an unlimited pizza and pasta extravaganza? 

Stop by Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta for a themed buffet lunch that will fill you up before you go on more thrilling rides and attractions! 

Don’t forget to try their homemade lasagna—it’s a family favorite. 

Plus, everyone can go up for seconds, thirds, or more! 

They also cater to gluten-free pizza requests.


The Café

Kickstart your day with a cup of coffee or a refreshing smoothie from The Café. 

Join them for lunch, where they serve freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, hotdogs, and wraps. 

The Café offers various daily food and drinks, from classic coffees and frozen iced drinks to sandwiches, paninis, and quesadillas. 

The team crafts all food items daily, so if you’d like any customizations, simply let one of the team members know.

Location: FACTORY

Granny’s Apple Fries

Granny’s Apple Fries
Image: Legoland.com

A Legoland original! 

Treat yourself to warm Granny Smith apple fries dusted with cinnamon and sugar. 

These delightful fries come with a sweet whipped cream dipping sauce. 

Their Granny Apple fries are handcrafted on-site daily and are a favorite. 

This is a treat that every Legoland Dubai guest simply must savor!

Location: KINGDOM

Tips to visit Legoland Dubai

When it comes to Legoland, the name of the game is creativity and adventure. 

To make the most of your visit to this fantastic park, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Visit early: The park opens at 10 am, so arriving early is key to fully enjoying all its attractions and rides.
  • Stay hydrated: You can purchase a water bottle from any of the park’s shops and take advantage of the free refills to stay hydrated. 
  • Bring bathing suits: There are wet rides at Legoland and it is better to carry some bathing suits. 
  • Visit during the weekdays: Weekends tend to be crowded, so weekdays offer a chance to enjoy the attractions with fewer crowds.
  • Do not bring outside food: Outside food is prohibited in the park. However, you can carry baby food. Adults can enjoy the Lego dining experience. 
  • Consider a Cabana Rental: Renting a cabana for your family can be smart if you visit during the summer. It offers a cool retreat, a refreshment fridge, and extra assistance from park staff.
  • Purchase combo ticket: Get a combo pass if you want to experience Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy both parks and make the most of your visit.

Legoland Dubai – FAQs

1. How do I get to Legoland Dubai?

To reach Legoland Dubai, you can drive by car from downtown Dubai and take public transport like the red metro line. 
Each option offers convenient routes, but remember to check traffic conditions during peak hours.

2. When is the best time to visit Legoland Dubai?

The best time to visit Legoland Dubai is early in the morning before noon for a free and pleasant visit. 
The ideal time to visit is from September through March when the weather is pleasant and the park is less crowded. 
You can also enjoy holiday discounts during Ramadan, provided you plan your visit well.

3. are the key attractions at Legoland Dubai?

Legoland Dubai features a variety of attractions divided into themed lands like Imagination, Adventure, Kingdoms, Factory, Lego City, and Miniland. 
You can explore thrilling rides, creative building experiences, and even indoor air-conditioned attractions.

4. What are the dining options at Legoland Dubai?

Legoland Dubai offers various dining choices, from pizza and pasta at Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta to café delights at The Café. 
There’s also a dining option at the Knight’s Table and Granny’s Apple Fries for a unique treat. 
Restaurants often feature themed menus based on the occasion.

5. What should I know about special events at Legoland Dubai?

Legoland Dubai hosts seasonal events like Monster Party during Halloween and celebrations for UAE National Day. 

These events include exclusive activities, character parades, and even themed dining experiences. 
Stay updated on the park’s schedule for such festivities.

Featured Image: Legoland.com/dubai

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