SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is UAE’s premier marine life theme park, rescue and rehabilitation center in the heart of Yas Island. 

Opened in May 2023, this park has 8 distinct zones, animal experiences, interactive sessions and rides.

You will also find captivating live performances with cherished characters, a diverse selection of 17 dining options, and 13 retail outlets. 

This article provides all the information about SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets, prices, hours, how to reach, what to expect and more. 

Quick Look

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm (Daily)

Last Entry: 7 pm

Time needed: 4 to 5 hours

Best time: Morning

Best season to visit: Winter

Ticket cost: $102 (AED 375)

Must Try Rides: Manta coaster and the Hypersphere 360 


Yas Island – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. Get Directions.

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What to expect at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

What to expect at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
Image: Thenationalnews.com

Yas Island Abu Dhabi has four theme parks – Ferrari World, Seaworld, Water World and Warner Bros. 

Visitors to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi are in for a ride filled with entertainment and knowledge. 

SeaWorld exceeds the ordinary theme park experience, crafting a universe that promises enchantment and wonder.

Step into the realm of the UAE’s first marine life theme park, boasting eight captivating realms that promise an extraordinary odyssey.

The park offers an immersive experience, including interactions with veterinarians and animal care experts at the animal care center. 

Prepare for awe with an extensive selection of 100 animal encounters and presentations, offering up-close interactions and thrilling escapades.

Set on an adventure with 35 interactive experiences and rides, live performances with beloved characters, and diverse dining options.

SeaWorld is a treasure trove for all ages, featuring numerous retail havens and captivating entertainment, ensuring a truly immersive aquatic haven.

Witness the graceful Dugong, a Gulf sea creature, and enjoy marine-themed rides like Turtle Twist and Jelly Plunge. 

For kids, Octozoom, Eel Racer, and Kelp Climb promise excitement. Explore Juhani village for an Arctic-like experience.

Where to buy SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets

Where to buy SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets
Image: Khaleejtimes.com

You can get SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets online or at the venue ticket booth. 

As a new attraction in Yas Island, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets have high demand and are sold out soon. 

If you wish to visit SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, we suggest you buy your tickets online. 

When you purchase your entry tickets online, you can avoid queues at the ticket counter. 

The lines tend to get longer during the peak tourist season of November to January. 

You are more likely to secure an entry ticket for the day and time you wish when you get it online.

Moreover, online entry tickets are cheaper than offline countertop tickets. 

Hence, buying your tickets online is recommended. 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi entry ticket 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi entry ticket
Image: Tiqets.com

With the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi entry ticket, you can enjoy a one-day entry to Seaworld Abu Dhabi and all eight realms of the park. 

To enjoy uninterrupted access, you can choose a skip-the-line option while purchasing the ticket. 

This is your ticket for entrainment featuring thrilling tales and captivating marine performances. 

Visitors with the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi ticket can attend various presentations and live entertainment throughout the day. 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi entry ticket price: 

The entry ticket costs AED 375 for all visitors over the age of 4. 

Kids below 4 years enjoy free admission to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. 

Age of VisitorsTicket Prices
Adults (4+ years)AED 375 ($102) 
Children (Up to 4 years)Free Entry

Yas Island Multi Park ticket

Yas Island Multi Park ticket
Image: Yasisland.com

While the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi entry ticket offers access to only one park, you can get multi-park tickets, too. 

You can choose from 2-park, 3-park, and 4-park ticket options to visit other parks at an additional cost of AED 100 per park. 

While entry tickets cost AED 375 each, the multi-park pass is a money-saving deal for all tourists. 

If you want to visit all four parks, you will spend only 675 with the pass instead of AED 1500 on individual tickets. 

Multi-Park ticket prices

Types of TicketsPriceTicket link
Yas Island 2 Park TicketsAED 475 ($129)Buy This Ticket
Yas Island 3 Park ticketsAED 575 ($156)Buy This Ticket
Yas Island 4 park ticketsAED 675 ($184) Buy This Ticket 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi opening hours

SeaWorld has been open to visitors since May 23, 2023. 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is open from 10 am to 6 pm throughout the week. 

During the peak season from November to March, the park has extended opening hours until 8 pm.   

Please refer to the table below for precise SeaWorld Yas Island Opening hours.

Day of the WeekOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10 am6 pm
Tuesday10 am6 pm
Wednesday10 am6 pm
Thursday10 am6 pm
Friday10 am6 pm
Saturday10 am6 pm
Sunday10 am6 pm

The park’s operating hours are subject to alteration without prior notice, particularly during public holidays or special occasions. 

During special events like night show carnivals and food festivals, the park extends its operational hours beyond the regular schedule.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi also holds presentations every day throughout the park. 

Ensure you note the presentation timings before your visit for a smooth one. 

Animal PresentationTimingsRealm
S.E.A Maintenance Crew11.45 am to 12 pm1.15 pm to 1.30 pm3 pm to 3.30 pm4.30 pm to 5 pmEndless Ocean
SeaFarer Jugglers11.45 am to 12 pm2 pm to 2.15 pm3.30 pm to 3.45 pmAbu Dhabi Ocean
Dolphin Presentation 1 pm to 1.30 pm5 pm to 5.30 pmTropical Ocean 
One Epic Ocean Show1.30 pm to 1.45 pm 5.30 pm to 5.45 pmOne Ocean
Story Time at the Animal Care Center1.30 pm to 1.50 pm4 pm to 4.20 pmOne Ocean
Animal Care Expert Talk3 pm to 3.15 pmOne Ocean 
Sea Lion Presentation3 pm to 3.15 pmRocky Point

Note: Visitors must arrive 20 minutes before the show to get a seat. The Seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

The show timings could also differ depending on the tourists’ season; make sure you check the schedule before visiting. 

How to reach SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

How to reach SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
Image: Khaleejtimes.com

SeaWorld Yas Island is situated on the well-known Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, drawing tourists from all around. 

With Abu Dhabi’s advanced transport system, reaching the park is effortless. 

Multiple transportation options are on hand, offering visitors various ways to access SeaWorld Yas Island. 

Here, we present some of the best ways to get to SeaWorld, Yas Island.

By Car

Travelers opting for a car journey to SeaWorld Yas Island can easily follow directional signs for Yas Island. 

The park is situated on Yas Island Abu Dhabi and is conveniently accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road. 

To reach:

  1. Drive south on Sheikh Zayed Road towards Abu Dhabi.
  2. Take the Yas Island East Exit labeled as ‘Yas Leisure Drive.’
  3. Follow the blue’ Yas Leisure Drive’ signs until you reach brown tourist signs displaying ‘Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.’

By Taxi

Abu Dhabi’s abundant taxi availability allows for effortless travel within the city. 

Taxis can be hailed on-site or pre-booked. Ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem are also viable options. 

The ride from central Abu Dhabi to SeaWorld Yas Island typically spans 20-30 minutes, contingent on traffic conditions.

By Bus

The efficient and economical public bus service in Abu Dhabi facilitates easy access to SeaWorld Yas Island. 

The Department of Transport operates this service, connecting Yas Island with different city areas. 

To reach:

  1. Board the 102 Bus Route from Abu Dhabi Bus Station adjacent to Al Wahda Mall.
  2. Shuttle buses are available at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s parking lot, opposite the arrivals door.
  3. For those traveling from Dubai, head to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to catch a bus to Abu Dhabi Bus Station, followed by the 102 Bus Route to Yas Island.

By Yas Express

Yas Express, a complimentary shuttle service on Yas Island, offers free transportation to various attractions, including SeaWorld Yas Island. 

Operating daily from 9 am to 9 pm, buses depart every 20 minutes from designated stops.

By Water Taxi

A water taxi service is available for a distinctive and upscale mode of transport. 

It operates from diverse locations in Abu Dhabi, such as Abu Dhabi Mall and the Marina Mall. 

The journey, lasting around 20-30 minutes, provides breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi’s captivating skyline.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Map

Map of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
Image: SeaWorld.com

SeaWorld Yas Island in Abu Dhabi is a thrilling destination for marine life and adventure enthusiasts. 

Located on Yas Island, a prominent leisure hub, it’s a must-visit spot for UAE travelers. 

The park comprises eight distinct realms, offering an array of thrilling rides, captivating shows, and interactive exhibits catering to visitors of all ages. 

To enhance convenience and optimize the experience, the SeaWorld Yas Island Map is available for navigation. 

This map provides a comprehensive overview of attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, interactive displays, and animal encounters. 

It also provides of amenities like restrooms, dining facilities, and first aid stations. 

The SeaWorld map proves particularly useful for families with young children or specific dietary needs.

Tourists planning their visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi are often confused between two of the best Aquariums there.

To avoid your confusion, read more about Dubai Aquarium vs SeaWorld Abu Dhabi to find your best options.

8 Realms of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

8 Realms of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
Image: Khaleejtimes.com

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers eight distinct realms brimming with unique attractions. 

From awe-inspiring encounters with marine creatures to thrilling rides, Realms at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi caters to all. 

Here is a brief on each Realm at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: 

One Ocean Realm

Found at the park’s heart, this realm is an entry point to other areas and the Animal Care Center. 

Guests can submerge themselves in the captivating stories of the One Ocean through a 360-degree media experience.

The Animal Care Center in one ocean realm offers the perfect chance to get close to animals and observe and interact with veterinarians and experts.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm

Explore the Arabian Gulf’s unique marine ecosystem at Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm. 

This zone gives you a close look into the Bedouin families who dive to collect pearls to trade. 

The major highlights of this realm are Abu Dhabi Souk, Pearl Diving Shows and Touch Pools. 

You can also find various animal exhibits like Dugongs, Sea Snakes, Sea Turlles, Bamboo Sharks, Rays, etc. 

Guests can register to participate in the S.E.A Guardian Games, watch performances and enjoy dining in this realm. 

Rocky Point

Rocky Point
Image: Seaworldabudhabi.com

Rocky Point houses sea lions in a simulated natural environment. 

Rocky Point utilizes Advanced Animal Lighting System Technology to recreate sun, night and seasonal light cycles. 

This system helps recreate the environment of the Pacific Northwest suitable for Sea Lions. 

You can attend presentations, feeding sessions and enjoy close interactions with the sea lions. 

Apart from Sea Lion, this zone also houses harbor seals, Asian small-clawed otters, pelicans and cormorants. 

MicroOcean Realm

MicoOcean Realm is dedicated to the micro life of the ocean. 

This realm offers you a unique perspective of the ocean from the view of tiny marine life like plankton. 

Visitors can try 4 amazing rides in this zone – Turtle Twist, OctoZoom, Jelly Plunge and Eel Racer.

Little visitors enjoy the play areas – Kelp Climb and Explorer’s Sea Base in MicroOcean Realm of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. 

Tropical Ocean Realm

From pristine and sunny beaches to lush rainforests and waterfalls, this realm brings the Tropical Cost to Abu Dhabi city. 

Tropical Ocean Realm is indeed the highlight of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. 

You can witness Dolphin Presentations, animals showcases in the rainforest or take a exciting roller coaster ride. 

Visitors can meet Dolphins, Flamingos, Macaws, Tropical Birds, Fish and Rays here. 

Arctic Realm

Artic Reals is home to walruses, puffins, and sea otters in the Juhani Village. 

You can explore the habitats of arctic animals or climb aboard a research vessel for an immersive visit. 

This realm also has a 360° thrilling Hypersphere ride.

Antarctica Realm

Arctic Realm
Image: Seaworldabudhabi.com

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi brings Antarctic cold to the Arabic Deserts. 

Antarctica Realm is the home of visitor’s favorite penguins. 

This zone’s air and water temperatures are managed to provide the perfect environment for six species of penguins. 

The advanced lighting system of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers the penguins a precisely mimicked habitat. 

You can find varieties of penguins like King, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Chinstrap, Macaroni and Adelie penguins. 

Make sure you visit the Penguin play area, catch the Sven and Oorni penguin duo’s live show and get close to these cute creatures here. 

Endless Ocean Realm

Endless Ocean Realm houses the largest marine life aquarium in the world. 

Situated beneath the ocean surface, Sea Base 4 in SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers a close look into the life inside the ocean. 

You can watch over 68,000 animals like sharks, rays, fish, octopuses, Eels and more. 

This realm also provides seven habitats and viewing areas into the habitats. 

You can catch the S.E.A Maintenance Crew and S.E.A Guardians show at Seabase 4. 

Things to do in Sea World Abu Dhabi 

Things to do in Sea World Abu Dhabi
Image: Seaworldabudhabi.com

Apart from witnessing the 8 realms, you can engage in activities like animal exploration and presentations.

Families with children can participate in the fantastic rides the adventure SeaWorld offers.

You can also shop for souvenirs from 13 shops and enjoy a delicious dinner with a view.

Here are some of the things to do in Sea World Abu Dhabi.

Animal Experiences & Presentations

SeaWorld introduces a distinctive animal habitat meticulously crafted and overseen by a proficient team of animal care experts, scientists, and engineers. 

Through its animal experience and presentation initiative, SeaWorld prioritizes an immersive and wholesome encounter for both creatures and visitors. 

Engage with diverse animal species and their knowledgeable Education staff, who offer essential insights into marine animal behavior and habitats.

Amazing Rides

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi beckons visitors to indulge in its captivating interactive rides, a cornerstone of this theme park’s allure. 

Irrespective of age or group composition, these rides cater to all, whether families, friends, or children. 

Beyond sheer enjoyment, these rides provide an exhilarating educational dimension, offering fresh insights.

Live Shows and Presentations

Animal Experiences & Presentations
Image: Khaleejtimes.com

Delve into the ocean’s enigmatic realm and its inhabitants through interactive media presentations at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. 

With a captivating blend of live characters and performances, this spot offers quality family and friends time. 

Gain insights into marine life, its relevance, and its significance.

Dining at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Beyond marine marvels and captivating rides, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi boasts exceptional dining venues. 

There are 17 international dining options with diverse cuisines and delicacies. 

These outlets provide delectable food and a spectacular view of the underwater world and its inhabitants.

Shopping at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers an exceptional shopping experience, allowing visitors to acquire souvenirs, gifts, and clothing. 

These outlets showcase an enticing array of SeaWorld-themed memorabilia and gifts.

A selection of the 13 finest shopping destinations awaits.

S.E.A Guardian Games

Embark on a captivating day of fun and challenges with SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s S.E.A Guardian Games. 

Concentrating on Science, Exploration, and Adventure, this gaming event unites enthusiasts of various ages and skill levels.

It provides a unique platform for novices and experts to participate in exciting activities.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets – FAQs

1. Where is SeaWorld Abu Dhabi located? 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is on the Yas Islands of Abu Dhabi.

2. When is the official opening of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi? 

The official opening of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is on May 23, 2023.

3. What kind of marine life will be at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi? 

All animals at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi are sourced from carefully vetted and approved origins. 

The park is committed to maintaining high standards of animal welfare and sustainability.

4. What is the total cost of the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi project? 

The budget allocated for constructing the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi project is 1.2 billion.

5. Who is leading the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi project? 

In partnership with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Miral is taking the lead in the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi project.

6. Will there be orcas at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi? 

No, there are no orcas at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

7. How much will SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets cost? 

The cost of a SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Ticket is 375 AED.

8. Are SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets available online? 

Yes, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets can be conveniently purchased online.

9. What animals are at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi? 

Marine creatures such as dugongs, sea snakes, turtles, bamboo sharks, and rays can be observed at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

You can also see penguins, walruses, octopuses, pelicans and more here. 

10. How big is SeaWorld Abu Dhabi? 

Encompassing a vast area of approximately 183,000 sqm, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi spans five indoor levels. 

The park boasts over 150 marine species dwelling in 58 million liters of water.
It also holds the world’s largest aquarium.

11. Will SeaWorld Abu Dhabi have rides? 

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers an array of interactive and enjoyable rides.

12. How many rides are there in SeaWorld Abu Dhabi? 

Boasting over 35 interactive experiences and rides, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a captivating destination suitable for individuals of all age groups.

Featured Image: Seaworldabudhabi.com

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