Tips for visiting Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa holds an unrivaled position as the most visited attraction in Dubai, making it on everybody’s bucket list.

It offers the tallest observation decks in the world that provide 360-degree panoramic views of the city and the surrounding landscapes. 

The higher you ascend, the more incredible the views become, making it a top-rated destination for tourists and locals alike.

But you might wonder, how can you make the most of your visit?

In this article, we share all our insider tips for visiting Burj Khalifa so you get the best of your visit. 

1. Book your tickets in advance

Thousands of tourists visit Burj Khalifa every day, making it hard to secure tickets at the counter on the day of the visit.

Also, the long lines at the ticket counter take 2 to 3 hours during tourist season. 

Hence, book your tickets in advance to enjoy entry to Burj Khalifa without any last-minute disappointments and the hassle of queues. 

You can purchase your Burj Khalifa tickets a week, month, or even 6 months in advance. 

2. Best time to visit Burj Khalifa

The best guide to visit Burj Khalifa is to know when to visit. 

To enjoy the best views, the best time to visit Burj Khalifa is sunset and night. 

However, these hours are also the most crowded. 

If you wish to escape the crowds, then visit early in the morning during the initial opening hours of Burj Khalifa. 

November to March is the best time to tour Dubai and visit the Burj Khalifa. 

If you are planning to visit Burj Khalifa during these days, it is essential to remember that this is the peak tourist season. 

Hence there will be a lot of crowds and long ticket lines. 

3. Arriving Early

An important tip for visiting Burj Khalifa is to plan your trip and arrive early. 

Burj Khalifa is located near Dubai Mall, a prime location in Downtown Dubai. 

You might face traffic in the area depending on your mode of transportation, be it car, metro, bus, or taxi. 

Visitors with timed tickets are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the pre-booked time slot. 

Hence it is essential to consider traffic and arrive early. 

If you have not booked your ticket, we recommend arriving 15 minutes before the opening hours of Burj Khalifa to secure your entry without any hassle. 

4. Visit the Top Deck

The best way to enjoy a private trip to Burj Khalifa is to visit At the Top Sky observatory deck. 

Located on the 148th floor, it is the tallest observatory deck in the world at 1821 feet. 

It offers an uninterrupted 360-degree view of the city and Dubai’s skyline. 

The floor also offers a premium lounge and outdoor terrace space. 

The best tip for visiting Burj Khalifa and enjoying a private tour is to visit At the Top Sky early in the morning as soon as it is open for visitors. 

5. Explore Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls globally, offering various activities, from shopping to dining and even ice skating. 

You’ll find a variety of retail outlets, including high-end brands and more affordable options. 

While there, catch the fountain show, visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, and try ice skating at the indoor rink.

6. Spend Your Day in Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is a prime area with various attractions. 

You can explore nearby restaurants on Emaar Boulevard, attend a show at Dubai Opera, and shop at Souk Al Bahar.

Visitors can also enjoy a picnic at Burj Park or simply stroll the glamorous sights. 

The area looks particularly spectacular at night.

7. Must-See Attractions Inside

Aside from being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is renowned for its luxurious interior and exceptional attractions. 

It houses the world’s fastest elevator, taking you 504 meters at 10 meters per second. 

You can explore fine-dining restaurants such as At.mosphere, Amal, and Hashi, “Schools at the Top” for kids, a spa at the Armani Hotel, a nightclub, and a museum.

8. Plan a Lunch or Dinner

For a lavish dining experience, have lunch or dinner at At.mosphere, the world’s highest restaurant located on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa. 

The restaurant offers panoramic views, luxury, and a variety of multi-cuisine international delicacies. 

At Armani Lounge, you can enjoy Italian and global cuisines with fountains and city views.

9. Visit Burj Park

Located just 5 minutes from the tower, Burj Park is a beautiful green space offering a view of the magnificent tower and fountain. 

It’s an excellent spot to take a break, have a picnic, or watch the fountain show every 30 minutes from 6 PM onwards.

10. Download the Burj Khalifa App 

Before visiting Burj Khalifa, download the official free app, “At the Top,” from the Play Store or Apple Store. 

This app is an audio guide providing facts and information about the tower in multiple languages. 

It also helps you plan your visit, stay updated on the latest events and promotions, and more.

11. Wear Comfortable Shoes and Dress Appropriately

When visiting Dubai and the iconic Burj Khalifa, wear comfortable shoes as the city’s temperature can get quite high due to its desert location. 

The Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa cover an enormous area of over 2 million square feet, so comfortable footwear is essential to explore these attractions comfortably.

Also, it’s crucial to adhere to the Dubai Dress Code. 

Dress modestly in public by covering your shoulders and knees. 

Avoid wearing tight or revealing clothing, whether a man or a woman, when in public. 

To be prepared, consider bringing a cardigan or shawl when you venture out.

12. Watch the Dancing Fountains from the Top

Don’t miss out on the dancing fountain show at the Dubai Mall, which takes place every thirty minutes from 6 pm daily. 

Book a time slot to visit the observation decks of the Burj Khalifa after 6 pm for a unique view of the fountain display. 

From there, you can witness the stunning water, light, and music spectacle from a new perspective.

13. Visit “The Lounge” on Floor 152+153+154

For an extraordinary high-rise experience, head to “The Lounge” on the Burj Khalifa’s 152nd, 153rd, and 154th floors. 

This exclusive venue is the world’s highest lounge, 585 meters above the ground. 

Indulge in luxury as you take an exclusive tour of the outdoor terrace. 

Here you can enjoy breathtaking views while savoring delicate canapes and a wide variety of teas and coffees.

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