Visiting Dubai During Ramadan: Celebrating Ramadan in Dubai

Dubai during Ramadan is a unique sight as the magnificent city becomes a unique yet tranquil blend of modernity and religious splendor.

The dream-like city with skyscrapers and other modern amenities beautifully showcases its spirituality as it prepares for a month devoted to sacrifice and reflection.

The holy month of Ramadan is the year’s most beautiful and one of the most auspicious times for Muslims across the world.

Celebrating Ramadan in Dubai allows the faith followers and fast observers to offer their prayers in some of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

Besides being the spectacular, eye-pleasing city that Dubai is, it also organizes several events and opportunities for people to come together and observe Iftaar.

Let us learn more about Ramadan in Dubai for tourists, such as when Ramadan is in Dubai, where to eat, what to wear, what to expect, rules and regulations, and more.

When is Ramadan in Dubai?

Dubai in Ramadan 2024 is expected to fall between 9 March and 8 April but may change depending on the moon sightings.

The month is considered one of the most auspicious times for followers of Islam worldwide; during this time, the Muslims observe a fast.

Muslims pray five times daily and remain without food and water until evening when they finally finish their fast.

Ramadan timings 

Ramadan timings are crucial as they mark the beginning of the fast at dawn and end at sunset each day.

The timings for Sehri for Ramadan in Dubai 2024 are around 4.30 am to 4.45 am and may vary on certain days.

During the Sehri, Muslims eat fruits, drink water before starting their fast, and remain without food and water until the Iftar.

The Iftar timings typically are around 6 pm to 6.30 pm and may vary on certain days.

During the Iftar, Muslims pray to their God and finally break their fast with fruits, sherbet, and other commodities.

During the Iftar, the family comes together, prays, and opens their fast together.

Restaurants in Dubai also organize special events around Iftar and remain open past midnight.

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Is it Good to Visit Dubai During Ramadan?

Visiting Dubai during Ramadan is an excellent idea as visitors can explore the city’s beautiful attractions and simultaneously see its spiritual side.

Dubai attracts several tourists around Ramadan, and visitors may experience more rules and regulations with restricted entry at certain places, but it is still a great idea.

Tourists visiting Dubai during Ramadan can explore the city at their own pace while enjoying the special prayers and activities and celebrating with like-minded people.

Visiting Dubai is still an excellent idea as several top tourist attractions remain open during the day but attract smaller crowds.

As a result, visitors get a sneak peek into the spiritual side of Dubai, and they also get to enjoy the attractions in a more laid-back environment.

But all good things come at a price, right?

So does a trip to Dubai during Ramadan.

Visitors wishing to explore the best culinary experiences in Dubai are in for a setback, as finding delicacies at their total capacity may take time.

Restaurants and cafe timings may differ, and finding or consuming food or water in public spaces may even become difficult.

The idea is to remain more mindful and respectful than usual, leading visitors to experience restrictions regarding food, clothes, and experiences.

So, if you plan on visiting Dubai during Ramadan, consider these factors and decide accordingly.

Who Should Visit Dubai in Ramadan and Why?

As mentioned above, visiting Dubai during Ramadan comes at a price; one may wonder who should travel to Dubai during Ramadan.

The truth is that when planning a trip, the onus of adjusting according to and respecting the local rules and customs falls on the tourist.

The same is true for visitors during Ramadan in Dubai.

Visiting Dubai during Ramadan is an excellent idea for Muslims and non-Muslims.

Here are a few reasons Dubai should be on your bucket list during Ramadan.

Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion
Image: Khaleejtimes.com

Ramadan in Dubai is significant and involves deliberate and massive celebrations in several parts of the city.

Visitors visiting Dubai during Ramadan are in for a real treat as they experience the best cultural immersion.

Visitors can enjoy the cultural activities and partake in Ramadan through Iftar and other events like Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

Several hotels and restaurants organize special events for Ramadan celebrations where followers and non-followers can participate.

Witnessing the grandeur of celebrations and prayers during Ramadan is genuinely enlightening and enriching, making for an unforgettable trip.

Relaxed Environment

Considering its relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, Ramadan in Dubai is an excellent tourist opportunity.

Dubai attracts fewer crowds than usual during Ramadan in Dubai, making it a great time to explore top tourist attractions, beaches, and clubs.

Most of these attractions remain during the Holy month, but considering the smaller number of visitors at each of these, tourists can make the best of this time.

Discounts and Promotions

Considering fewer crowds during Ramadan in Dubai, guests traveling to Dubai enjoy several discounts and promotions. 

During Ramadan in Dubai, hotels, Airbnb, and other stay options offer discounts and promotional codes to visitors, making for a profitable offer. 

Apart from hotels and stays, several shops and shopping malls also offer discounts on commodities, especially clothes.

Guests can enjoy discounts, promotions, and celebratory offers at restaurants and cafes organizing Iftar celebrations. 

These discounts and promotions tempt travelers worldwide to experience celebrations during Ramadan in Dubai during the sacred month. 

Nighttime Experience

Nighttime Experience
Image: Platinumlist.net

There’s something about witnessing Dubai’s unique yet smooth cultural and religious blend during Ramadan. 

Dubai is known for its nightlife, with sparkling city lights and sky-touching skyscrapers lighting the night skies. 

During Ramadan in Dubai, this experience becomes even more blissful and immersive as the city, dipped in religious splendor, opens up at night. 

With restaurants and cafes opening up after Iftaar, welcoming the worshippers to start its celebrations, Dubai becomes alive! 

This nighttime experience is unmissable for anyone wishing to experience the best of spirituality and modernity. 

Authentic Experiences

Authentic Experiences
Image: Platinumlist.net

Tourists traveling to Dubai during Ramadan enjoy authentic experiences in terms of food and experiences. 

Several restaurants and hotels offer special Iftar celebrations that include live cooking experiences of traditional food items. 

Through such experiences, tourists can enjoy scrumptious delicacies like Lamb Ouzi and Umm Ali. 

On the other hand, places like the Dubai Opera turn into a lit banquette with festive fervors in all their glory.

Praying During Ramadan in Dubai:

Praying During Ramadan in Dubai:
Image: Platinumlist.net

The month of Ramadan in Dubai upholds extreme religious significance, visible in the city’s spiritually high spirits. 

Praying is the most crucial part of Islam as a religion, but its importance increases manifold during the sacred month of Ramadan. 

Guests traveling to Dubai during Ramadan wish to explore or partake in Ramadan through prayers. 

Muslims and followers who are fasting can easily pray indoors at their hotels or on Airbnb. 

Tourists can also pray at any mosque they choose during Ramadan in Dubai. 

Non-followers can also pray at mosques outside fasting hours that last from dawn to sunset. 

Some mosques and other religious establishments do not allow women to enter to pray. 

Women can pray indoors at their hotels or anywhere that allows them to enter and pray with other people. 

What is Open in Dubai during Ramadan? 

Tourists traveling to Dubai during Ramadan remain worried about whether Dubai will close during Ramadan.

While tourism and entertainment options become greatly restricted during Ramadan in Dubai, visitors can still have a great time as several options are available.

Here is a list of the things and places that remain open in Dubai during Ramadan.

Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and Cafes remain open during Ramadan in Dubai, but opening hours may change during the sacred period.

Restaurants and cafes remain open during the day and usually offer indoor seating options throughout Ramadan in Dubai. 

Indoor seating is arranged to ensure that people who are fasting do not feel uncomfortable.

Some restaurants and cafes may remain open during the night and may open later during the day or may remain utterly closed throughout the day.

So, tourists need not worry about restaurants and cafes closing during Ramadan in Dubai.

Entertainment and Tourist Venues

Most people visiting Dubai during Ramadan worry that tourist attractions and entertainment venues like shopping malls and complexes will remain closed.

However, this is not the case, as entertainment and tourist attractions like the Dubai Mall and other shopping malls also remain open.

Top tourist attractions like the Burj Khalifa remain open during Ramadan in Dubai, and the business hours typically stay as usual.

Ramadan Tents 

Ramadan Events are a significant highlight of Ramadan in Dubai.

During Ramadan, Dubai also offers events like Ramadan Tents, where visitors can experience authentic Ramadan celebrations.

These events include traditional celebrations, iconic dishes being prepared and served, and other celebrations.

One of the most popular Ramadan tents is the Asateer Tent at the Palm, which is set to welcome 1400 visitors each night in Dubai during Ramadan 2024.

Beaches and Nightlife

Even in the modest and comparatively conservative setting of Ramadan in Dubai, the beaches and nightlife remain open and welcome visitors to have a blast.

Beach clubs and nightlife may not play loud music and have restricted live entertainment options, but they are still desirable and enjoyable.

Things to do in Dubai During Ramadan?

Wondering what are the most popular and must-do things in Dubai during Ramadan?

Here are some of the most exciting things to try and explore in Dubai during Ramadan.

Explore the malls

Explore the malls
Image: Gulfnews.com

Dubai is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, with some of the biggest shopping brands available in the exclusive malls.

Besides the famous brands, Dubai is also known for its renowned gold market, where tourists arrive worldwide to shop for gold and gold jewelry at attractive prices.

Shop for clothes and accessories for Eid for yourself and your family, and make the best of your trip by exploring the malls and enjoying discounts and promotions.

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Visit a Mosque

One of the must-do things to do in Dubai during Ramadan is to visit a mosque.

Mosques like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are some of the most famous mosques in Dubai and are a significant tourist attraction.

It is also one of the largest mosques in the world.

Followers can also pray at the mosques during the prayer hours.

It is recommended that tourists check the timings and other rules and regulations before visiting mosques in Dubai.

Enjoy Iftaar Celebrations

Iftar Celebrations
Image: Platinumlist.net

Enjoy Iftar celebrations in the city when visiting Dubai during Ramadan and enjoy traditional delicacies.

Guests can also enjoy live cooking experiences and enjoy delicious dessert options too.

Iftar celebrations during Ramadan in Dubai offer authentic and exciting experiences for tourists wishing to enjoy authentic Iftar celebrations in Dubai.

Explore Tourist Attractions and Experience

Tourist places and attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Miracle Garden, and the Dubai Fountains also remain functional during Ramadan in Dubai.

The Dubai Fountain does not work until 7.30 pm, but after that, the fountain show remains active every 30 minutes.

Other tourist attractions remain functional as usual during business hours, and tourists should explore these attractions and experiences.

Dubai Rules and Restrictions During Ramadan

Dubai Rules and Restrictions During Ramadan
Image: Factmagazines.com

There are several rules and restrictions during Ramadan in Dubai that tourists and locals are expected to adhere to.

Here are some general guidelines, rules, and regulations to remember when visiting Dubai during Ramadan.

Guidelines on Eating and Drinking in Public

During Ramadan, followers are expected to indulge in physical and emotional submission to god. 

Followers show their commitment to god by fasting and praying.

Ensuring the feelings of those fasting, guidelines on eating and drinking in public restrict followers from consuming food and drinks in public places.

Please note that children, pregnant women, and the elderly who are not fasting are exempted from these rules and regulations.

Guidelines on Malls and Entertainment

Malls and other shopping options remain open during Ramadan in Dubai to serve people’s shopping needs and other essential products.

Bars and restaurants with special licenses will be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.

Entertainment venues typically remain functional, some operating at usual opening hours while others’ timings may vary.

In most places, rules and regulations prohibit live and loud music and entertainment options that may disturb the worshippers or people fasting.

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What Should You Wear During Ramadan in Dubai? 

During Ramadan in Dubai, tourists are expected to dress appropriately and modestly.

Women can wear Western clothes but are encouraged to wear modest clothes that cover their bodies.

Wearing mini skirts and other short dresses might be discouraged in certain areas, especially around Iftar and Ramadan celebrations.

Revealing clothes is a complete no-no at religious establishments like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Here, women cannot enter without wearing an Abaya, and even men need to cover their shoulders and knees.

Tourists can wear beach-appropriate clothing at beaches and beach clubs but are expected to cover up as soon as they leave the beaches or clubs.

During Ramadan in Dubai, men and women must also avoid ripped jeans, crop tops, sportswear, and accessories like hats and sunglasses.

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FAQs about Ramadan in Dubai:

  1. What is open in Dubai during Ramadan?

    Dubai during Ramadan, prepares well for the holy month, and visitors can enjoy several activities and special events when celebrating Ramadan in Dubai.

    Most tourist attractions in Dubai remain open during Ramadan.

    Restaurants and malls also remain open, and most restaurants and malls extend their opening hours to accommodate the fasting crowd at night.

  2. Are beach clubs open in Dubai during Ramadan?

    Beach clubs remain a popular choice among visitors traveling to Dubai during Ramadan.

    However, some rules and regulations are in place during this time, especially on loud music and live entertainment options.

    Such restrictions are levied keeping in mind the religious and spiritual nature of the city and locals during Ramadan in Dubai.

    Visitors can also wear beach-friendly clothes while enjoying the beach but may be expected to cover up or dress modestly as they leave the beach clubs.

  3. Are clubs open in Dubai during Ramadan?

    Yes, clubs remain open in Dubai during Ramadan and are among the top choices among guests visiting Dubai during Ramadan.

    Some restrictions might be levied on aspects such as loud music and entertainment options.

    Timings may also vary, and guests should check the club timings before reaching the venue.

  4. Are restaurants closed in Dubai during Ramadan?

    Tourists traveling to Dubai during Ramadan may worry about food and dining options in the city, but they must stay assured that they won’t go hungry or thirsty.

    Restaurants remain open during Ramadan in Dubai, but the timing may vary.
    Some restaurants and cafes may stay closed during the day around Ramadan in Dubai as most restaurants and cafes remain open late at night.

    Restaurants extend their opening hours at night and often remain open past midnight.

    Despite these factors, tourists can find dining options during the day or may order online from their hotels or Airbnb using food delivery apps.

  5. Can you drink alcohol in Dubai during Ramadan?

    Tourists traveling to Dubai during Ramadan are expected to remain mindful of those fasting during their trip.

    Since Ramadan is a significant time for the people of Dubai, the sale of alcohol is restricted to select places in Dubai.

    These select places need to have a special license to sell alcohol during Ramadan in Dubai, and therefore, visitors may find it difficult to drink alcohol.

  6. Can tourists eat during Ramadan in Dubai?

    Guests visiting Dubai during Ramadan are expected to be more mindful and respectful than others, but this doesn’t mean you must stay hungry.

    Tourists can eat food and explore restaurants and dining options in their hotels like usual during Ramadan in Dubai.

    However, visitors are expected to be mindful of those fasting around them and consume food and water in enclosed spaces.

    Tourists should also avoid smoking and consume alcohol in public places at all costs.

  7. Can you drink water during Ramadan in Dubai?

    Visitors traveling to Dubai during Ramadan can drink water when traveling or exploring the city; however, they must be respectful.

    Avoid drinking water when close to someone fasting, or politely ask those around you if you drink water in public places.

    Most locals understand that tourists may not be fasting, but being polite, respectful, and courteous is always good.

  8. Can you eat in Dubai during Ramadan?

    Guests can eat during Ramadan in Dubai like usual, especially at hotels.

    Visitors may also prefer online food delivery to avoid the hassle of finding restaurants and cafes during the day.

    At night, most restaurants and cafes remain open; some even extend their opening hours to accommodate the people who fast during the day.

    Carrying your water bottle when traveling in Dubai during Ramadan is highly recommended as it may be difficult to find water outside and might come off as rude.

  9. Does Dubai close during Ramadan?

    Most places in Dubai, including tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, and malls, remain open during Ramadan.

    Several places also organize special events and activities around Ramadan.

    Visitors can also explore special menus at restaurants and cafes, curated keeping Ramadan in mind.

Featured Image: Khaleejtimes.com

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