When Will Ain Dubai Open Again

Ain Dubai, which translates to “Dubai Eye” in English, is a giant Ferris wheel located on Bluewaters Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

At a height of 250 meters, it is the world’s tallest observation wheel and provides sweeping views of Dubai and the Persian Gulf. 

Construction on Ain Dubai began in 2015 and had an initial projected opening in late 2020, coinciding with Expo 2020 in Dubai. 

However, the opening date has been repeatedly pushed back due to safety testing, certification issues, and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As of late 2023, Ain Dubai remains closed to the public as final safety checks and operational preparations continue.

When Will Ain Dubai Be Opened?

The exact opening date for Ain Dubai remains uncertain as of late 2022. 

In September 2022, Dubai Holding announced that the observation wheel would undergo comprehensive testing and certification and would open to the public soon after. 

However, no definitive timeline has been provided by the developers. 

Some tourism officials have indicated it could open as soon as January 2024, but this still needs to be confirmed.

More delays may occur to ensure all safety standards and operational requirements are fully met before allowing visitors on the giant Ferris wheel. 

But after over seven years of construction and testing, the opening of Ain Dubai hopefully draws near.

Why Has Ain Dubai Been Closed?

Why Has Ain Dubai Been Closed
Image: Mammoet.com

Ain Dubai was initially supposed to open alongside the Dubai Expo 2020 World Fair in October 2020.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused Expo 2020 to be postponed a whole year to October 2021. 

This delay meant construction slowdowns and supply chain disruptions that also pushed back Ain Dubai’s opening.

Since completing major structural construction in 2021, Ain Dubai has remained closed.

Extensive testing and safety certifications are needed before allowing the public on the giant observation wheel. 

As the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, rigorous emergency, security, and operational standards must be implemented and approved. 

Sensitive electrical, hydraulic, and control system inspections have caused more delays.

Safety inspectors also reportedly found some reliability issues with bracket structures and cabling that needed design modifications and repairs, further pushing the opening. 

Delays due to supply chain problems, labor shortages, and extra safety precautions due to COVID-19 have also contributed to Ain Dubai staying closed for over two years.

How Long Has Ain Dubai Been Closed?

Ain Dubai has never opened to the public since construction began in 2015. 

After nearly seven years of construction and repeated delays, the project has yet to pass all the required safety tests and certifications to allow visitors onto the observation wheel. 

If Ain Dubai opens in early 2024, as some Dubai officials have tentatively projected, the landmark would have stood closed to the public for over eight years.

Will Ain Dubai Be Open By January 2024?

While the exact opening date is still uncertain, tourism officials remain hopeful Ain Dubai can open within the first few months of 2024. 

Given the project has already faced repeated delays, opening by January 2024 is a realistic goal, barring any significant new issues arising. 

This January 2024 target reopening aligns with Dubai’s goal of completing major projects in time for Expo 2025.

After many years of anticipation, developers are highly motivated to get Ain Dubai certified, staffed and finally open to the public.

One encouraging sign is that Ain Dubai lit up for the first time in October 2022, indicating testing and preparations continue to progress. 

As long as safety remains the top priority, January 2024 seems a reasonable goal for finally welcoming visitors onto the world’s new tallest observation wheel.

What Is the Best Time for Ain Dubai?

Best Time for Ain Dubai
Image: CNBC.com

Whenever Ain Dubai finally opens, the best times for visitors to enjoy vantage points are sunset, evening, and sunset hours. 

Because the sun is incredibly intense at midday, lighter daytime crowds are anticipated. 

But during the slightly cooler sunset hours from around 4 pm to 8 pm, light crowds should offer a comfortable experience while showing off Dubai’s impressive skyline and waterfront views.

Similarly, clear nighttime skies will provide open vistas and highlight Dubai’s glittering tower lights. 

Special events and enhanced experiences will also mainly be featured in the evenings and nights when temperatures are more moderate. 

So, while Ain Dubai will surely attract crowds all day long, given its record size and long anticipation, sunset, evenings, and nights are some of the best times to visit. 

Featured Image: Wikipedia.org

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